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Organic Grass Care in Maryland

OrganicLawns is an organic-based lawn care provider committed to the health of your yard. When you work with us, we treat your land with environmentally friendly products that give it the nutrients it needs to grow lush, green and beautiful grass.


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Lawn Care Services in Maryland

OrganicLawns believes in a safer and more beautiful environment, so we use products that will have less of an impact on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. As a professional lawn services company, we feel it is our duty to protect the environment while providing high-quality lawn maintenance. The custom lawn care programs we offer are environmentally sensitive but extremely effective.


Our professional lawn services include:

Lawn Fertilization

Every bag of our fertilizer is custom blended with organic-based materials chosen to help your lawn flourish. Our fertilizer produces optimum results, giving your lawn the food it needs and the color you want it to have.

Crabgrass Control

OrganicLawns applies crabgrass control on your plants at the right time of the year. The product we apply kills any growing crabgrass and keeps more from appearing throughout the season.

Weed Control 

Our environmentally friendly products get to the root of the weed issue — literally. When our products are applied to a weed, they seep down to the roots of the plant and kill it. Our approach gets rid of current weeds and prevents future growth, too.

Aeration and Seeding

This is our preferred means of establishing and maintaining an extremely dense strand of turf. When it comes to problematic areas in the lawn — or just making your lawn look greener and fuller — our 100% natural grass core aeration and seeding method is unparalleled in terms of seed quality, preparation and service.

Insect Control

We have effective solutions for insect problems, too. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, ticks or other pests, our anti-insect application will keep the outdoors a peaceful place for you, your family and any furry friends.

Soil Testing

If you’re looking for a custom plan to make your yard beautiful, we have to start by testing the soil. Through soil tests, our team can determine what nutrients are missing and what products will be critical to the healthy growth of grass and other plants on your property.

Tree and Shrub Services

Keep your plants happy, healthy and protected no matter the season. OrganicLawns offers nutrient-rich programs that help your trees and shrubs absorb what they need to keep safe from harsh weather and grow to their fullest potential.

We are also very proud to offer 100% natural limestone for soil preparation, grub control and wholesome Pennington brand tall fescue for sowing seed. These products help make your grass thicker and encourage grass growth in the thinner areas of your yard.


lawn care economy package organic lawns


Our economy package comes with several services that help keep your lawn beautiful. You receive annual soil testing, fertilizer and weed control to keep the grounds nice and tidy and soil amendment to encourage plant health. We perform grub control services to keep your lawn full and green.
lawn care premium package organic lawns


Our certified techs encourage your lawn to grow thick and green by providing all the Economy package has to offer plus Core Aeration & Premium Seeding. We also apply a starter fertilizer to allow your seed to sprout into a healthy carpet-like weed free lawn.
lawn care premius plus package organic lawns

Premium- Plus

If your lawn needs to reach the highest level, look into Premium PLUS! This all-inclusive package includes all the premium package has to offer PLUS core aeration, nutsedge control, disease control along with our premium slice seeding for the ultimate in lawn care!

Professional Lawn Service and Technicians

As a family-owned and -operated company, we take lawn treatments seriously. That’s why our team is made up of licensed specialists who are certified in Maryland lawn care This education is critical to the successful growth and improvement of your property. When we come to your home, we inspect the lawn and provide all the services in your chosen package. The result is a beautiful, green lawn that will be the talk of the town.

We also recognize that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to lawn care. With soil testing and a good understanding of your yard, we can draw up a personalized program based on your needs. We even offer free quotes and free quality control visits.


Maryland Lawn Care Service Areas

At OrganicLawns, we want everyone to feel confident in the look and health of their yard. That’s why we offer our professional lawn services throughout a wide area in Maryland. We cover these counties and the surrounding areas:

Check out our service page to learn about all the locations we serve. If you live in a nearby town, feel free to contact us! We’ll see what we can do for you.


Make OrganicLawns Your Yard Care Partner

OrganicLawns offers reliable products designed to help your yard flourish. We don’t stop until the job is completely done. With a sharp eye, our technicians will have your lawn feeling thick and lush and looking greener than ever.

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