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When it’s time to patch up your lawn’s bare, dead or thin spots, seeding can help you obtain a healthy green lawn. You can seed two ways depending on the size and needs of your yard. Whether you need to cover a large area with grass or mend spots, slice seeding is an effective way to grow new grass. 

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What Is Slice Seeding?

Slice seeding is the process of cutting through the soil with a lawn slicer and inserting seeds. The method involves using a slice seeder machine that slices into the ground to make furrows in your soil. Then, the machine places grass seeds into the trenches. With slice seeding, you can bring new life to your lawn.

Slice Seeding vs. Aeration and Overseeding

If you need to seed your lawn, there are two common ways to do it — slice seeding or aeration and overseeding. Both are effective ways to grow new grass, but they each have different purposes.

Slice seeding focuses on providing fast results for thorough grass growth. Slice seeding encourages rapid growth because the seeds enter the soil directly, which helps them germinate faster. Using a lawn slicer machine allows for an even seed distribution across the yard, so the grass grows in full and lush.

Aeration and overseeding use different methods. Aeration is when you put small holes in your lawn so that the soil has more access to oxygen, water and nutrients. Your soil becomes healthier when it receives all the nutrients it needs. Additionally, aeration allows deep penetration of water, nutrients and air to the roots in your lawn to help them grow. 

Aeration often works with overseeding, or manually spreading seed over the lawn with or without moving the soil beforehand. When you overseed after aeration, the seeds can fall into the holes, contact soil directly and begin growing.

Pros and Cons of Slice Seeding, Aeration and Overseeding 

Before you start seeding, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of each method. While each approach has different processes, the one you choose depends on your lawn’s needs. Both ways will help you grow a healthy lawn at different speeds.

Slice Seeding 

Slice seeding has fewer steps than aeration and overseeding. The lawn slicer digs holes and drops seeds into it simultaneously. Since the slice seeder makes holes during sowing, aeration is unnecessary before slice seeding. Because slice seeding places seeds directly into the soil, the seeds may germinate and grow faster.

If you plan to slice seed, ensure you use the technique on land without a complete turf. Slice seeding on an already established lawn makes a mess and doesn’t contribute to helping new seeds grow.

Aeration and Overseeding 

Aeration and overseeding have a two-step process. First, you aerate the yard by making holes and moving the soil around. Once that’s done, you go over the yard again with a seed spreader to distribute the grass seeds. Aeration and overseeding are most suitable for seeding already established turf. 

Aerating will increase the soil’s nutrient levels, while overseeding will fill empty spots. Seeds fall into the holes when you aerate and overseed, but some may also stay on the surface and not germinate. During aeration, there’s less chance for animals or the weather to move the seeds.

Timing Is Everything

Seeding your lawn to achieve maximum results depends on doing it at the right time. One of the best times to sow your lawn is during the late summer and early fall. The cool, wet fall weather lets the seeds germinate and start growing without summer’s heat and humidity. Once spring comes, your lawn can focus on developing. Another suitable time to sow is during the spring before summer starts. The cool spring temperatures and rain encourage germination and growth.

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Benefits of Slice Seeding

Slice seeding has several benefits to give you a lush, green lawn. Some of the benefits include:

  • Even distribution: You can calibrate the lawn slicer machine so that all holes have the same depth and space between each hole. Making the holes have the same depth helps the seeds have even coverage and ensures the seeds start sprouting around the same time.
  • Quick and effective: Slice seeding is a quick way to plant grass seed. Because the seeds contact soil directly, they can germinate and sprout faster. The method uses a machine to help finish the work quickly by combining two steps into one.
  • Cover extensive areas: You can plant grass seed over big areas by slice seeding. Lawn slicers come in many sizes, so you can efficiently sow large areas without exhausting yourself.

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Would you like to upgrade your lawn or create a new one? OrganicLawns lawn care services can help you achieve your ideal healthy green lawn. We can perform slice seeding services to expand your lawn. We will detect your soil’s condition from the first visit and determine how to proceed with slice seeding and maintaining your lawn’s health. We use environmentally and pet-friendly products hand-selected by our owners, so your lawn can grow without worries.

Our team is full of Maryland state-certified technicians who you can trust to get the job done right. After our initial appointment, we come back every four to six weeks to check your grass condition. Then, we provide necessary services to help it continue growing correctly, such as fertilizing and weed prevention.

With OrganicLawns, you will have peace knowing your lawn receives our organic-based fertilizers and weed-free treatment. Your healthy green grass will be ready for you and your family to spend time outside in the nice weather. Contact us to learn more about our services or request a free estimate today if you’re ready to start slice seeding!

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