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If you’re anything like most Anne Arundel County or Maryland area residents, you want your home to be surrounded on all sides by a lush, green lawn. But any homeowner knows how difficult it can be to keep your property looking the way you’d like it to.

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Organic Fertilizers

Most homeowners are familiar with the basic elements grass needs to survive. It’s absolutely true that your lawn will require sunlight and water. But too many people in Anne Arundel County and beyond overlook the importance of fertilization.

Your lawn needs food, just like you and me. But, for plants, this takes the form of fertilizer. Our premium, custom-blended fertilizers contain the right combination of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) that your lawn needs to flourish.

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Weed and Feed

Have you ever tried your hand at gardening? If so, you probably know how troublesome weeds can be. But the truth is that weeds are just as problematic in your lawn as they are in the garden. If you take a closer look at your lawn, you might notice such weeds as ground ivy, Persian speedwell, and chickweed taking over your grass. No matter how much you pull them up, they will only come back.

Our organic weed control products will stop these troublesome intruders in their tracks.

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Insect Control

It’s not just plants that invade our lawns, but insects too. While some insects are friendly enough, others are unwelcome to say the least. If you’re like most Anne Arundel County homeowners, you have concerns about such harmful bugs as ticks and fleas intruding on your lawn. But you don’t want to resort to harsh chemicals to snuff them out.

The good news is that, with the help of Organic Lawns, you don’t have to. Our pest control products use cedar oil as an active ingredient. You’ll be amazed by just how well it works!

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Say Goodbye to Grubs

Few pests can make your skin crawl quite like grubs. If your lawn has persistent dry, brown patches, or if feels spongey under foot, you may very well have a grub infestation. Another common indicator is an increase in mammals such as raccoons and skunks feasting on your lawn. These grubs aren’t just harmful to your lawn’s appearance, but they’re invasive, too. Don’t worry—with the help of Organic Lawns, Anne Arundel County homeowners can say goodbye to grubs.

A lawn aerator pulling cores from yard.
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Core Aeration

Countless homeowners have wished that their lawns could look as perfectly lush and green as a golf course. Here at Organic Lawns, we can make that dream a reality. The secret is with core aeration, which is essentially the process of removing cores from your lawn. Combine this with seeding, and you will notice an immediate visual improvement in your lawn. Other aeration methods may end up compacting the soil, which does more harm than good. If you choose Organic Lawns to service your lawn, you will get nothing but the best.

Why Fertilize Your Lawn?

Everyone knows that plants need water and sunlight. But not so many people have a thorough understanding of what makes fertilization necessary for plants.

Most people think of fertilization as ‘plant food,’ and this is a helpful comparison.

Here’s a breakdown of the basic components present in plant fertilization as well as what they can do for your lawn:

  • Nitrogen is essential for your blades of grass to achieve a nice size in addition to the green color we all know and love.
  • Phosphorus helps grass carry out photosynthesis by transferring energy and creating sugars and starches.
  • Potassium can protect your grass from disease and other stresses in the environment.

Our fertilizers include all of these necessary components for keeping your lawn healthy, beautiful, and resilient. A properly fertilized lawn will enjoy a slew of benefits, including less competition from weeds, and fewer pests. It’s even better for the environment, as the grass will form healthy root systems that can prevent erosion.

There’s no such thing as a healthy lawn without fertilization. But not all fertilizers are equal.

What Sets Organic Lawns Apart

It’s not easy picking the right company for lawn fertilization in Anne Arundel County. But once you learn what sets us apart, we feel confident you’ll settle for no one else. What sets us apart from our competitors is in our name: organic.

Here at Organic Lawns, we do not believe that a healthy and beautiful lawn has to come at the expense of the environment.

Wherever you live in Anne Arundel County—from Annapolis, to Arnold, to Severna Park, beautiful nature is never too far from your door. And there’s no better way to seamlessly incorporate your lawn into the region’s wonderful ecology than by using organic fertilizers.

Other lawn care companies in the area use fertilizers that can wreak havoc on the environment when they seep into the waterways. If you choose us, that won’t be a concern. All of our fertilizers are custom blended from nothing but organic materials.

Whether you live in Laurel, Crofton, or anywhere else in Anne Arundel County, look no further than Organic Lawns for lawn fertilization and lawn care services that is truly green.

Since 1996, Organic Lawns has earned a reputation for itself as the finest organic lawn care company Maryland has to offer. The only thing we value as much as following ethical and sustainable lawn care practices is our customers. Consider hiring us for the lawn fertilization of your Anne Arundel County home. We can reach you wherever you live in the county.

Contact Organic Lawns for Lawn Fertilization in Anne Arundel County Today!

Not only do you have to stay on top of keeping it trimmed and well-watered, but you have to make sure you’re feeding it too. If you’re seeking lawn fertilization in Anne Arundel County, why don’t you keep your lawn green with Organic Lawns? You can count on us not just to ensure you have a lush, green lawn, but also for the highest standard of customer service. If you’re interested in having your lawn treated organically by a family-owned and operated Maryland business, contact us for a free lawn estimate, or give us a call at 410.536.5800.

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