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Trees and shrubs are often neglected and sometimes forgotten. They are in fact slower growing plants when compared to your grass. We at OrganicLawns offer this program specifically in Maryland for our residents to allow their trees and shrubs to reach their fullest potential. We are talking about bigger and better blooming for your trees and shrubs as well as protection from the harmful environment.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Maryland

OrganicLawns makes it very easy to try our tree and shrub program. When you call to schedule our tree and shrub program, we can quote you efficiently using our online program that same day and perform your visit the next. We are the most efficient lawn care company in Maryland and are happy to provide the best results to help your trees and shrubs reach their fullest potential.

Our tree and shrub program is completely 100% organic and natural. We have found the perfect program to feed your shrubs, protect your plants and prepare them as the seasons change so drastically in Maryland.

Tree and Shrub Care Program:

  • OrganicLawns provides on-site inspections using 100% organic materials
  • Compost teas are applied as a foliar spray or soil drench
  • Organic Surface Bed Fertilization
  • Horticultural Oil (Neem Oil)
  • Winter Evergreen Protection

Try Combining our Lawn & Shrub Services

Check out our lawn care service packages to go with your tree and shrub service!

We at OrganicLawns offer a variety of packages and services for your lawn also. Why not have your lawn look as healthy and vibrant as your shrubs look with the help of our 100% organic tree and shrub plan in Maryland.

Organic Tree and Shrub Programs Serving Maryland

An alternative to harsh pesticides our 100% organic tree and shrub program. This organic tree and shrub program will actually enhance the life of your plants. It’s simple in the fact that the biological life of your trees and shrubs along with the ever-important soil will add additional years of quality to your plants. When harmful pesticides are applied to the shrubs this will create a chemical dependency that is very difficult to overcome.

We love the aspect of using compost tea and our all-natural botanical powders and liquid sprays that already come in the form of natural nutrients. These nutrients will be absorbed much more quickly through the roots, leaves and even the actual bark.

We like to think that our 100% Organic Tree and Shrub program is more or less nature feeding nature. This is our vision and our customers are proud to display bigger, better blooming year-round using our all-natural tree and shrub program.

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