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One of the most difficult tasks to come with the territory of homeownership is lawn maintenance. As a homeowner in Carroll County, Maryland, we’re sure you want to look out your windows and enjoy the appearance of a lush, green lawn. But doing so requires a bit of work.

Not only do you have to work to keep it looking nice and trim, but you have to keep the grass looking healthy, too. For your lawn to have the look you want, it needs to be fertilized. Homeowners in the Carroll County area should look no further than Organic Lawns for lawn fertilization.

Keep Your Lawn Fed!

What do plants need to survive? Most people assume that they only need two things: sunlight and water. But this is oversimplifying things. The truth is that your grass needs a third component to thrive, and that is food. If you hire us for the lawn fertilization of your Carroll County home, you can rest assured that your lawn is well fed.

But you might be wondering: why does my lawn need all this extra work? Forests can thrive without human intervention, so why can’t I just let my lawn be?

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In a forest setting, the plants are being fed, too. But their fertilization takes the form of fallen leaves and other organic material gradually decomposing. To keep your lawn as rich and healthy as the forests of Carroll County, a little human intervention is necessary.

Lawn fertilization keeps your grass green. But it does more than that, too. Here are some other benefits you should keep in mind:

  • Reduced competition from weeds like Bermuda grass and pesky crabgrass
  • Resistance to drought
  • Increased rate of growth
  • Higher population of beneficial insects; fewer pests

Simply put, there’s no such thing as a healthy lawn without fertilization.

Why Choose Organic Lawns?

Now that we’ve covered why lawn fertilization is so important, we should address why Organic Lawns is best to handle the job in Carroll County. We know—choosing the right lawn care company can be difficult. But we believe that we stand above the rest in terms of our commitment to excellent service and to the environment.

What sets us apart is in our name: ‘organic.’ Just as you should consume a majority of organic, natural foods, you should give your lawn the same treatment. If you choose Organic Lawns for lawn fertilization, you can rest assured that your lawn’s food will consist of nothing but custom-blended natural materials.

We apply an organic mindset to all of our lawn care treatments—from pest control, to weeding, to aeration. The only thing we value so much as natural lawn care is our customers. If you’re seeking lawn fertilization in Carroll County, look no further than Organic Lawns!

Since 1996, Organic Lawns has earned a reputation for itself as the finest organic lawn care company Maryland has to offer. The only thing we value as much as following ethical and sustainable lawn care practices is our customers. Consider hiring us for the lawn fertilization of your Carroll County home. Whether you live in Westminster, Sykesville, or Taneytown, we can reach you wherever you live in the county or another one of our service areas.

Contact Organic Lawns for Lawn Fertilization in Carroll County Today!

You can count on us not just to ensure you have a lush, green lawn, but also for the highest standard of customer service. If you’re interested in having your lawn treated organically by a family-owned and operated Maryland business, contact us for a free lawn estimate, or give us a call at 410.536.5800.

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