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You deserve to have a house with a beautiful, vibrant and healthy yard. OrganicLawns provides local lawn fertilization services that transform your yard into a luscious carpet of deep green grass.

Lawn Services in Bowie, Maryland
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We offer a range of packages that improve the health of your lawn’s root system, restore patches of dirt and dead grass and keep pests like insects and weeds from taking control. Once we’ve finished, you’ll be in awe of how beautiful your yard is.

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Organic Weed Control Services in Maryland

OrganicLawns believes in a better product and a better service. We examined traditional weed killers and fertilizers and realized they were cookie-cutter-type products without regard to real-life results.

Our environmentally friendly and organic products are made with specific formulas that target areas of your yard for fertilization and change them for the better.

For instance, we apply our weed control products in the spring as a pre-emergent treatment — which prevents weeds from sprouting — and in the summer as a post-emergent treatment. Post-emergent treatments eliminate sprouting weeds and keep them from regrowing. These products keep weeds away and preserve soil nutrients for your grass, which gives your grass more space to grow and allows it to absorb more sunlight with weeds out of the way.

Our fertilizer is a unique blend of synthetic and organic-based fertilizer. These two formulas come together to encourage plant growth and retain more water so plants have a steady supply to draw from. The result is thick, fast-growing grass you and your family can enjoy throughout beautifully warm days.

Tweaking the Fertilizer Formula

Some may question what the added benefits of organic-based fertilizer are. When we began hand-picking lawn care products, our first critique of them was that a lot of fertilizers in years past contained phosphorus. Phosphorus is simply not needed in the everyday fertilizer product and has adverse effects on our waterways and bays.

Most of our customers live in areas that directly impact our beautiful Chesapeake Bay. The major problem with phosphorus is nutrient pollution. We are fortunate that the state of Maryland has agreed with this issue and banned the use of phosphorus, which helps reduce the algae blooms that put our waterways at risk.

We fully implement this regulation into our everyday grass fertilizer products and are happy to be part of a movement that will make a difference.

We also noticed most fertilizer products did not contain organics in the fertilizer itself and are composed of 100% synthetic ingredients. Some synthetic ingredients are quite good, however, because they stimulate plant growth and are very reliable. The accuracy of synthetic fertilizers is excellent, which allows our technicians to apply the materials perfectly every time.

We wanted to take a good product and make it better. Because of this, our vendor adds organic materials to every bag of fertilizer we hand-select. This formula gives our customers the best of both worlds. The addition of organic-based fertilizer enables the soil in each lawn to hold more water, which lets the grass feed slowly and thoroughly. The moister the soil is, the less compaction will develop. The soil’s pH will also be enhanced.

Our organic-based materials are also less likely to burn your lawn than traditional synthetics and are more nutrient-rich. We can’t wait for you to see the difference in the quality and texture of your soil — our fertilizers allow your lawn to thrive and produce thick, green and happy grass.

What to Expect From OrganicLawns Weed Control Services

OrganicLawns is very excited about and proud of how we time the application of our hand-selected, organic-based grass fertilizer products. Thanks to our years of experience, we know the best times to visit and treat your lawn to produce visible results. For example, in the early spring, lawns are ready for food since they have been dormant over the winter. The roots need to be strengthened, and spring is the perfect time to feed before the growing season.

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Late spring is a highly competitive time for your grass, as the weeds are fighting for the same nutrients your lawn is trying to use. Using our grass fertilization services, our late spring organic-based fertilizer will fill the void and give your lawn the food it needs to become vibrant and beautiful. This time of year is also when we apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment. Our pre-emergent weed products target weed seeds and roots and hinder their growth before they take vital nutrients away from your grass.

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During the summer, we mitigate broadleaf weeds and control insect issues on your lawn. We do not apply any type of fertilizer because of the high temperatures that occur during our hot summers in Maryland. We use a post-emergent treatment that, again, takes weeds out at the root to stunt their growth and eliminates them before they remove any more soil-based nutrients your grass needs to continue growing tall and strong. Additionally, our insect control treatments repel insect pests and protect your children and pets.

Our fall organic-based grass fertilizer is very high in nitrogen to give your lawn the added nutrients it needs to recover from the summer’s harsh conditions and allow it to flourish under the ideal fall weather. We follow temperatures, soil moisture, wind and water conditions so you can sit back, sip your tea and enjoy the wonderful natural results OrganicLawns will provide. We’ll make your lawn the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy.

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