Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Services

Keeping your property beautiful is essential to maintaining its curbside appeal and providing a great yard for your family to use on warm, sunny days. You know you want your lawn to grow, but you also want to ensure you’re using healthy products for the environment. What do you do?

Looking for a way to make your yard thrive while being eco-friendly is a balancing act, but it’s possible. All you need is some professional lawn care help. OrganicLawns offers environmentally friendly lawn care services that transform your yard while preserving our environment’s health and beauty.

Everyone should be concerned with environmental wellness, especially with many grassy areas hugging the Chesapeake Bay. When it rains, run-off from fertilizers and yard treatments enter the bay and cause problems — especially if the products are not applied by state-certified technicians using IPM principles. Thankfully, OrganicLawns hand picks and offers our customers lawn care products to accommodate the environment while bringing your grass back to life!

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Products and Lawn Care

There are no regulations or standards for a lawn care company to follow to be deemed eco-friendly. As a result, many lawn care businesses call themselves environmentally
friendly even though they may not offer alternative products such as “grubGone for insect control & “Fiesta” for weed control simply because they cost a few more dollars..

OrganicLawns is different. We care about and prioritize the environment’s health and safety. That’s why we personally select and offer a choice of lawn care products that are indeed softer on our environment.

While our products are gentle and safe for the environment, they are also profoundly effective. Our eco-friendly lawn care services include organic-based products full of nutrients that encourage grass growth and retain water so your root system has a steady supply to soak in. Our products also target weed roots, hindering their growth and eliminating them from your yard.

Our fertilizer is one of our best products, offering a blend of synthetic and organic-based minerals. The synthetic portion triggers and supports healthy grass growth. The organic-based materials offer a balance of soil-based nutrients that keep your soil replenished with the vitamins and minerals your lawn’s root system needs to maintain constant and healthy progress.

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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Services From OrganicLawns

We use our environmentally friendly products for an array of services that benefit your lawn while keeping the surrounding ecosystem happy. Our services include:

Trust OrganicLawns — Your Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Company

Keeping the environment safe while helping your eco friendly yard thrive is our goal. By carefully selecting our products and monitoring your property’s progress, we accomplish that objective every time. Restore your yard to its former green glory and support the environment with OrganicLawns. Contact us today to start planning your eco-friendly lawn care treatment plan.

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