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Keeping your lawn beautiful and green is a great accomplishment, especially with Maryland’s inconsistent weather patterns. There’s another thing that plagues yards across the state, hindering lawns from pure, lush beauty: weeds. Crabgrass in Maryland lawns is probably the single most annoying weed you’ll find. Once it is established, and your lawn is full of crabgrass, it is very difficult to eradicate.

Why is it so stubborn?

The reason why crabgrass is stubborn is literally at the root of the problem. Crabgrass seedlings lay dormant all winter waiting for the soil to reach the perfect temperature to bloom. By the time you realize crabgrass has germinated and is in full bloom, the air temperatures become too hot to apply an effective control to eliminate the pesky little fellows.

You want your lawn to be perfect, but we all know how any weed can disrupt the vibrant green grounds around your house. How can you get rid of crabgrass? Enter OrganicLawns. We offer a range of effective lawn care work in Maryland, including a crabgrass removal service. If you are looking to achieve the beautiful appearance of a bright carpet of grass, let us help. We offer quality crabgrass control and prevention work at a fraction of the price other lawn care companies will charge!

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Crabgrass Prevention Service

The key to a beautiful lawn — and our top priority — is the prevention of crabgrass. While several techniques can be applied, the most successful programs implement a good pre-emergent treatment to stop crabgrass from germinating in the first place. Crabgrass germinates by producing seeds, which the wind carries from place to place — from one corner of your lawn to another or from one lawn to a neighboring yard. With the right timing, you can stop seeds from germinating with pre-emergent products.

The good news is OrganicLawns is one of very few companies that provides two sets of pre-emergent crabgrass applications. Yes, OrganicLawns offers two separate sets of crabgrass controls for all three of our lawn care programs. That way, we provide season-long crabgrass control for your lawn to unveil its fullest potential.

How do pre-emergent products help with crabgrass prevention? Crabgrass is an annual plant. It thrives in summer but dies in the face of chilly fall temperatures. Before it dies, it leaves behind seeds that lay dormant in the ground until winter is over. Our pre-emergent products eradicate these seeds that settle in your yard, preventing them from sprouting in warmer weather and keeping your lawn weed-free.

There truly isn’t a better stand of grass as far as thickness, lushness and beauty than a healthy, organic lawn free of crabgrass.

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Crabgrass Control Service

If you have noticed small grassy patches sprouting from your lawn, this is crabgrass. It can be hard to identify, but you may notice it by its clustered form and lasting endurance. Crabgrass is not a tall weed, but it is thick and strong. It evades the mower blades and handles heavy foot traffic impeccably well. Because of its stubborn defense system, you need premium equipment and products to remove it from your lawn.

OrganicLawns has over 20 years of experience dealing with and removing crabgrass. We know how it grows, survives, and withstands the most intense treatments and processes.

Our own crabgrass treatment is unique because of our hand-selected post-emergent products. Once applied, our organic-based solutions seep down into the ground and meet crabgrass at their most vulnerable location: the roots. The product starts thereby stopping the plant’s growth and eliminate crabgrass weed altogether.

Our crabgrass removal and control solutions are also environmentally friendly and pet friendly. Your pets and children are safe to play outside while our products work into the soil and eliminate the crabgrass at their foundations.

4 Types of Crabgrass in Maryland

  • Short Crabgrass
  • Smooth Crabgrass
  • Long Crabgrass
  • Asian Crabgrass

2 Natural Crabgrass Control Factors:

  • Mowing Height
  • Aeration and Seeding

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Your house is a place for you and your family to cherish for years to come. Tending to your home’s lawn can be tricky. You can take care of weeds in numerous ways, but only a few products are gentle on the environment and for use around pets and children. If you need a crabgrass control service, look no further than OrganicLawns. We are happy to offer the fastest service turnaround in the business. If you have weeds and crabgrass, the solution is at your fingertips.

OrganicLawns offers professional service from state-certified technicians dedicated to your lawn’s health. When we arrive to your home, you can expect the utmost kindness and thoroughness as we service your property. We won’t stop until your yard is weed-free and growing toward its optimal health.

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It’s just like peanut butter and jelly! Our technicians are certified through the state of Maryland for applying organic-based fertilizers and are proud to offer the most environmentally friendly and pet-safe products for your property. Please check our flexible programs out and see what fits you and your family’s needs.

We offer the simple economy plan to keep the lawn healthy, plus the premier package, which hits all the hot buttons by including a special service — aeration and seeding. Take a peek and see what fills your lawn care needs!

Crabgrass Facts

To learn more about how to beat crabgrass, explore some facts about this pesky weed.

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Mowing Height for Crabgrass

The basic decision to increase your mowing height by even an inch can make the difference between success and failure. The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension did a study on mowing heights and found that every inch increase in height resulted in exponentially fewer weeds in the lawn. Your lawn’s ideal height should be around 4 inches. This 4-inch height will prevent the unwanted potential for crabgrass to occur.

Some people like the look of a lawn cut short. Many people prefer this because it hides the weeds present in your lawn. The only problem is that the shorter the height allows for crabgrass to continually take a stronghold on your lawn.

Scalping or cutting your lawn short will lead to the infamous crabgrass weed eventually overtaking your lawn.

Raise the blades of your mower and call OrganicLawns immediately so we can give you the best of both worlds. Let us provide you with an aesthetically pleasing lawn with the health benefits and strong root system of a lawn cut at the correct length.

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Will Watering Help With Crabgrass?

In Maryland, watering at the correct time of day is almost as important as using the correct amount of water. The golden rule for watering your lawn starts with the birds chirping in the morning. The earlier you can water your lawn, the better results you will get.

It is important to water your lawn early in the day so it will receive, process and intake the water while also drying out before it gets too hot.

The heat is particularly troublesome in the dog days of summer. A wet lawn in 90-degree temperatures can lead to disease issues and creates a magnifying effect that causes temporary and or even permanent damage to your grass. It’s also essential to water for longer durations and on a less-frequent schedule. Many people make the mistake of watering for a few minutes several times a day. This watering method can lead to a shallow root system, which leave your lawn susceptible to crabgrass from the stress.

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Aeration and Seeding to Prevent Crabgrass

Aeration and seeding are important in Maryland because they replace the bare areas throughout your entire lawn with newly germinated grass, which fights off crabgrass. Yes, the grass is your best asset for preventing and fighting off the pesky crabgrass weed. Weeds generally look for places to fill in.

If your lawn has been aerated and seeded professionally by an OrganicLawns team member, it will have the thickness and healthiness needed to gobble up that bare area. We will also provide your lawn with a well-timed, organic-based fertilizer program. Your lawn will benefit by having fewer weeds and zero crabgrass.

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Crabgrass and Maryland Summers

Our summer season in Maryland is very unpredictable. We have summer temperatures that can stay in the ’80s and create disease problems that allow crabgrass to thrive and flourish — therefore creating various issues with your lawn. Last summer, our temperatures routinely exceeded 90 degrees. Brown patches become a prominent issue, along with summer dormancy, due to the extreme heat.

Crabgrass loves the heat, and we must be properly prepared for any temperature variant that may present itself. Here are a few practices summarized to help with the fight with crabgrass:

  • Proper Mowing Height
  • Proper Watering
  • Aeration and Seeding

OrganicLawns ensures your lawn receives the proper preparation to achieve excellent performance. We apply two consecutive sets of pre-emergence crabgrass control to your lawn, while most of our competitors use only one. We use environmentally friendly pre-emergence crabgrass control to maintain our standards, and we look forward to winning the challenge against crabgrass and welcoming you and your lawn to our success.


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