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OrganicLawns is proud to offer cutting-edge products every season. Our grub control product is the first bio-insecticide to control lawn grubs with a method comparable to chemical-based products — without the side effects of harming beneficial insects.

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Grub Control Services in Maryland

We use Grub Gone because of its outstanding results, and most importantly, it is a 100% natural biological grub control substance. We hand-selected this product for our organic lawn customers for its natural essence and effective control for grub-infested lawns.

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What Are Grubs?

Many customers may not be familiar with what a grub is. These pests can be referred to as grub worms, lawn grubs or even worm pests that live in the soil. Grubs look like translucent, curled-up shrimp, and they like nibbling on your soil and grass roots. Each grub can be a half-inch to an inch in length and are quite unsightly. They can be found in your soil beds near your shrubs and also sprinkled throughout your turf.

Have you ever looked at a brown spot in your lawn and tried to pull on the dead area of the grass? If you can peel your turf up like a carpet, you have severe grub damage. Grubs feed on your lawn’s root system and cut the process of root development, which will most likely kill your grass at the base. Unfortunately, when you notice this grub damage, it is usually too late to revive the turf.

Another side effect of having grubs in your lawn is that they will attract unwanted animals such as moles, voles, skunks and raccoons. These pests could cause further damage to your lawn.

The life cycle of the white grub is a basic 12-month period. The adult beetle lays its eggs in July when the soil is hot. When the grubs break from the eggs, they will start eating your turf’s roots before the weather changes and the soil becomes cool in winter. When your soil gets cold, the grubs will dig deep down away from the root system and stay underground over the winter.

When the spring arrives and warm weather moves in, the grubs know it’s dinnertime. They rush to the surface, where they become susceptible to treatment. We perform our natural grub control service in late spring to maximize our visit and achieve the best results.

Signs That You Need Grub Control Service

Several signs can point to your property needing grub treatment and control. If you have observed any of the following issues, you should contact an all-natural grub control service. With an uncontrolled grub problem, your grass can become severely damaged and even die.

Grub signs include:

Spotting Grubs While Digging

If you are digging a hole for a tree or flower, you may find grubs in the dirt.

Seeing Patches of Dead Grass

Grubs feed on the roots of the grass. As a result, grass in the area will die, creating patches of dirt in your yard.

Feeling Soft Spots in the Ground

When grubs destroy grass roots, the roots no longer support the soil, making it weak. The ground will become softer underfoot, and your shoes can sink in.

Noticing Discolored Grass

Before grass completely dies, it will fade yellow. You might mistake this as an effect of drought. However, the color comes from damaged grass roots that grubs have eaten.

Seeing Other Creatures in Your Yard

While grubs snack on your root system, other wild animals love to snack on grubs. If you notice an increase in critter appearances in your yard, there’s a good chance you have a grub infestation.

Grub Control Services From OrganicLawns

If you have grubs, OrganicLawns is here to help. We offer a range of lawn care techniques, including natural grub control services. After you contact us, we begin our treatment by visiting your yard. By inspecting the condition of your soil and areas that are struggling because of grub activity, we can determine how intense and thorough our treatment needs to be.

However much of the yard the grubs have reached, you can trust that we are committed to removing them and helping your property recover from the attack. Our Grub Gone product will give your lawn preventative and post-infestation control over your root system pests. The most important factor of our product application is timing. When we apply our treatment at the proper time, our grub control will give us a larger window to reach and eliminate the pests.

The benefits of our grub treatment include controlling Japanese, Oriental and Asian beetle grubs. Control of the adult beetle is also part of the grub visit. You also get the added benefit of controlling moles and voles in your yard once you eliminate grubs. You won’t have to fear an infestation again. Once we have finished, your yard will suffer no more, and we can work on restoring your yard to its former glory.

While we treat your lawn for grubs, you can trust that our products are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. Send your dog outside to run, play or use the bathroom. Children are safe to spend afternoons in the sun, and you can hold outdoor family gatherings. Our products may be tough on insect infestations, but they pose no threat to your loved ones.

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What to Expect From OrganicLawns Grub Control Services in Maryland

With offering a natural product that produces great results, we want our customers to understand that we also provide the best price in the industry. Most of our competitors charge twice the rate of their normal application price for standard grub control. We at OrganicLawns feel your grub control should be part of your regular lawn care program because of the devastation these pests can produce. We also offer the visit at the same low price as all our other standard visits.

We do not conform with most other companies in charging a surplus. We believe in transparency in cost and service. When you choose organic lawn care in late spring, you can trust your lawn will be protected from the menacing white grub. We will control the problem at a reasonable price and with natural ingredients.

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OrganicLawns Offers Organic Grub Control Service to Your Maryland Home

You have invested more than just money into your house. You have landscaped, cleaned and remodeled your yard to turn your property into a home. Don’t let an inch-long grub change that. Grubs may cause damage, but OrganicLawns is here to help you take back your property. We use environmentally friendly products to eliminate pests from your soil so your grass can grow back healthy and intact.

If you’re ready to get a handle on your lawn’s root system, partner with OrganicLawns. With our help, you can provide a safe and healthy yard for your family to enjoy every warm sunny day. Start planning your all-natural lawn grub control service by filling out an online contact form or calling OrganicLawns at 410.536.5800.

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