Flea & Tick Control

When it comes to our pets and children we only want the best! OrganicLawns understands this implicitly and we are proud to offer a full service insect control program in Maryland. Our insect control program will prevent and eradicate fleas and tick throughout your lawn so you may enjoy those special events with your family and friends. We use hand select our products so they are pet friendly and also environmentally friendly to give our customers peace of mind.

How do we prevent fleas and ticks?

One of our favorite products that we use is actually made from all organic ingredients. Our flea and tick products were hand selected and were proud to offer them to you as we have been using them for years with outstanding results.The product is pet friendly and environmentally friendly which is first priority for OrganicLawns.Our flea and tick program uses the bioactivity of cedar wood oil and cedrol against the arthropod pest. Enjoy your beautiful lawn while having the peace of mind knowing that OrganicLawns is protecting and preventing those harmful insects from invading your beloved space and doing it the right way!

Flea and Tick Control in Maryland

  • Flea and Tick control provides a safe environment for your family.
  • Flea and Tick Control used by OrganicLawns is pet friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • Flea and Tick Control will protect your pets.
  • Flea and Tick control will add enjoyment to your family functions.
  • Flea and Tick control used by OrganicLawns has cedar oil as an active ingredient.

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We can provide an instant quote for you today and be out to service your property tomorrow! We are fortunate to have a state of the art online measuring tool that we can perform over the telephone or online with incredible accuracy. Call us today at 410.536.5800 or request your quote online now.

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Insect Control in Maryland

Organic insect control vs. Pesticide insect control

The decision obtain an insect control program involves the quality of life in which we all want to have while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you have pets you are concerned about or you just like enjoying your beautiful deck or patio it is very important to have peace of mind while doing so.

Using a pesticide to prevent and or eradicate insects is something to seriously consider before using.

Our products are cedar oil based and are all organic which gives you a clear mind when making the choice. If both products are effective we must assume there really is no decision at all. OrganicLawns can provide you with a free estimate today and be out to service your property tomorrow.

When should I have Flea and Tick control done?

In Maryland the best time to prevent and also eradicate fleas and ticks is during the growing season when the pests are active.The spring and summer bring rain and flowers but Mother Nature also allows fleas and ticks to become very active. This is the danger zone for these types of pests. Allow OrganicLawns to provide a pleasant and safe area for your family to enjoy worry free.

Enhance your Flea and Tick Service!

Just like cookies and milk! Our Flea and Tick service combined with any of our famous lawn care packages will produce results your friends and family will be sure to ask who your lawn care service provider might be. OrganicLawns will take the time and the expertise to give your lawn the makeover it deserves and needs. Pick and one of the three packages and you’re on your way to cookouts and BBQ’s at your house this summer!

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Special Event Flea and Tick Control

OrganicLawns would be more than happy providing protection for special events such as BBQ’s, graduation parties, or even just a few special friends over to the house. Let our staff know when your special day is and we will be sure to provide the protection you need a couple days ahead of time so the unwanted pests will find another party to crash. This is a new and exciting program we have added to our full banquet of services we off at OrganicLawns.

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Why OrganicLawns Flea and Tick Control is different?

  • We offer 100% organic Flea and Tick Program
  • Schedule service today and we will service your lawn tomorrow!
  • Hand selected Flea and Tick products for their friendliness and results.
  • State Certified Tech’s who love what they do!

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