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As your environmentally friendly lawn care solution, OrganicLawns works to build your personalized service from the ground up — literally. If you’ve been struggling to produce a healthy green lawn, soil testing can offer an answer. Soil testing closely inspects your soil structure, pH and nutrient makeup, allowing us to create a road map for your lawn’s care. Soil testing results also help us determine if materials, or soil amendments, should be added to improve the soil’s capacity to support plant life.

At OrganicLawns, your lawn is our priority. We take pride in the little extras that separate us from our competition, making them part of our regular service. When you choose OrganicLawns, services such as soil testing and lawn soil amendments will help you achieve the aesthetically beautiful yard you’ve always wanted.

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What is Soil Testing?

Every solid foundation begins at the ground level. The same can be said about the way your grass grows. To produce outstanding lawns, we need to understand what’s below the surface. Soil testing is an integral part of putting the lawn care puzzle together and is a must for all lawn care programs.

We offer this added feature to each and every one of our lawn care customers. In fact, our very first visit to your home includes a soil test. Soil testing examines what’s underneath your grass and helps us determine your soil’s current fertility and health.

During our visit, we’ll take tiny little parcels of soil from specific locations throughout your property. These samples will paint a picture of how your lawn actually rates in relation to nutrient content, pH and soil structure. Our personalized lawn care program will incorporate these measurements.

What Does a Lawn Soil Test Involve?

Once you have scheduled your first service with OrganicLawns, we’ll perform a soil test on your lawn as soon as possible. The results, which we’ll deliver to you personally, will help you see what your lawn needs to function and perform. We’ll then work with you to develop a common-sense approach to produce results you can see. Basically, soil testing gives us a road map to use throughout the season, helping us create your lawn care program around your lawn’s unique needs.

Soil Testing pH Levels Explained

Determining your soil’s pH level allows us to put a basic number to your lawn’s acidity. From there, we can adjust accordingly. For example, if your lawn is tested and it carries a pH of 5.0, this is a clear indication that your lawn is acidic. We can then apply dolomitic limestone to your property to actually raise the pH naturally. This very simple solution allows your lawn to feed better and grow thicker and more beautiful throughout the season.

Lawn Soil Amendments

At OrganicLawns, we believe in natural remedies for your lawn care program. Based on the information that we achieve from your soil test, we can add soil amendments to produce the best possible results. Soil amendments are natural elements added to your soil to improve its physical properties — including pH balance, soil structure, aeration, water retention and infiltration. To put it simply, lawn soil amendments improve your soil’s ability to support plant life and create a better environment for roots.

Soil amendments fulfill a different role than fertilizers. They build your soil from the ground up, correcting any problems that have been preventing you from getting the lawn you’ve always wanted. Depending on the unique needs of your soil, we may recommend these or other natural soil amendments:

  • Lime:

    Reduces acidity and raises soil’s pH level.

  • Sulfur:

    Increases acidity and lowers soil’s pH.

  • Gypsum:

    For compact soil, improves aeration and water drainage.

  • Compost:

    Decomposed organic matter that can enrich and naturally aerate the soil while also improving water retention.

  • Biochar:

    Increases soil fertility and protects against certain diseases.

  • Fulvic acid:

    Stimulates plant growth by improving mineral uptake.

  • Humic acid:

    Aids in the transportation of water and nutrients from the soil to the plant.

Call OrganicLawns for Soil Testing in Maryland

At OrganicLawns, we believe in a transparent, customer-first approach to lawn care. Our soil testing lays the groundwork for outstanding service and is just one reason you should trust OrganicLawns. Before you know it, your lawn will be thick, green and weed-free.

Call today at 410.536.5800 or contact us online. We can personally perform your soil test and begin servicing and making your lawn feel vigorous and full of life.

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