Insect Control

When it comes to our pets and children, we only want the best! OrganicLawns understands this implicitly, and we are proud to offer a full-service insect control program in Maryland. Our program will prevent and eradicate fleas, ticks and a range of other insects throughout your lawn, so you can enjoy special events with your family and friends. We hand-select our products to ensure they are pet-friendly and environmentally friendly to give our customers peace of mind.

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Within three visits, we guarantee you’ll play, work and relax safely in your yard. With the absence of insects like beetles and ants, your grass can grow tall and green. When we come for a visit, you can expect our team to be thorough in our product application.

While our products are eco-friendly, they certainly aren’t bug-friendly. Give your home the gift of a bug-sweep and watch your lawn transform into a healthy ecosystem for your family.

Learn more about our lawn care insect control program and start planning your bug attack today!

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Types of Insects We Control

A range of insects can infest your yard. OrganicLawns uses eco-friendly products for lawn insect treatments, keeping your family safe and the yard healthy. The bugs our insect control solutions target include:

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Ant Control

Ants may not be dangerous individually, but colonies of them build large anthills that impair root systems. If ants continue damaging grass roots, they can cause dry and patchy lawns. Our eco-friendly products kick them out of your yard and give you peace of mind.

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Bee Control

Miner bees dig holes in the ground, living within the soil around the yard’s root system. These bees can sting your children if your kids run barefoot through the yard. Our products repel these pests and provide you with a safer environment.

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Wasp Control

Wasps are dangerous to your family and can pose a threat to people with allergies. Our treatments eliminate the threat of wasps using methods that are safe for pets and the environment.

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Flea Control

These are frustrating little pests that jump into your pet’s fur, severely irritate their skin and even cause illnesses. Our odorless sprays protect your pets from the threat of fleas.

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Tick Control

Ticks carry Lyme disease, a harmful sickness to humans and pets, and they hide in sections of tall grass and forests. With our treatments, we can keep them away from your children and animals.

Spider in a web woven into the lawn.
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Spider Control

Certain spiders, like the grass spider, create webs in the grass and make the lawn look untidy. Our products repel them from your yard so it looks fresh and vibrant every day.

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Beetle Control

These insects produce grubs, which are larvae that damage your grass roots and create dirt patches in your lawn. We apply an environmentally friendly solution that chases away beetles and keeps your yard grub-free.

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Cricket Control

On our second visit to your property, we will take care of insects like crickets and other bugs that mature in mid-summer. With our services, you won’t have to worry about being kept up all night with crickets chirping in or around your home.

How Do We Prevent Fleas and Ticks?

One of our favorite products that we use consists of all-organic ingredients. We’ve hand-selected our flea and tick products, and we are proud to offer them to you, as we have been using them for years with outstanding results. Our product is pet-safe and environmentally friendly, which is the first priority for OrganicLawns.

Our flea and tick program uses the bioactivity of cedarwood oil and cedrol against the arthropod pest. Enjoy your beautiful lawn while having peace of mind knowing OrganicLawns is preventing those harmful insects from invading your beloved space — the right way!

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Organic Insect Control vs. Pesticide Insect Control

While organic and pesticide insect control both repel insects, pesticides eliminate insects with chemicals. At OrganicLawns we are proud to say our entire insect program is 100% organic and natural!

Our lawn care insect control products contain natural ingredients like cedarwood oil, and they are odorless and colorless.

Most importantly, they are safe for use around people and animals.

At OrganicLawns, we want your family to enjoy your yard during the summer. Our treatment plan should not stop the fun. That’s why you can trust that our products are pet- and child-safe, meaning you can relax under the sunshine while we keep away pests.

Flea and Tick Control in Maryland

By preventing fleas and ticks on your property, you can reap several benefits:

  • Flea and Tick control provides a safe environment for your family.
  • Flea and Tick control from OrganicLawns is pet-safe and eco-friendly.
  • Flea and Tick control protects your pets.
  • Flea and Tick control will add enjoyment to your family functions.
  • Flea and Tick control from OrganicLawns has cedar oil as an active ingredient.

When Should I Have Flea and Tick Control Done?

In Maryland, the best time to prevent and eradicate fleas and ticks is during the growing season when the pests are active. The spring and summer bring rain and flowers, but Mother Nature also causes fleas and ticks to become active. This time of year is a danger zone for these types of pests. Allow OrganicLawns to provide a pleasant and safe area for your family to enjoy without worrying about insects or insect-born diseases.

Special Event Flea and Tick Control

OrganicLawns is happy to provide protection for special events such as BBQs, graduation parties or even small get-togethers with a few friends at the house. Let our staff know when your special day is, and we will apply the services you need a couple days ahead so the unwanted pests will find another party to crash. This offering is a new and exciting program we have added to our full banquet of services we provide at OrganicLawns.

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Why Is Flea and Tick Control From OrganicLawns Different?

What sets our lawn insect treatments apart from the competition? Check out our unique offerings below:

  • We offer a 100% organic Flea and Tick Program.
  • We will service your lawn tomorrow if you schedule today.
  • We personally choose flea and tick products for their pet- and human-friendliness and results.
  • We employ state-certified techs who love what they do.

Benefits of our new perimeter pest control.

Lawn Care – Insect Control

3 Visit Summer Program

Perimeter Pest control: Organic Lawns of America is excited to announce our series of three summer insect control treatments, which provide a shield around your home. This series of visits will reduce the unwanted guest in your home, including ants, crickets, fleas, mites, spiders, and other pests. Lawn insect control services from Organic Lawns of America keeps your lawn looking great.

  1. First Visit

    Our first lawn care insect control will target fleas, ground beetles, earwigs, as well as many other early summer insect pests.

  2. Second Visit

    The Second lawn care insect control will target spiders, crickets, ants, and a number of insects that mature in mid-summer.

  3. Third Visit

    This third visit is performed in the latter summer to control many of the late summer insects such as fleas and ticks. This application reduces the number of insects that could enter your home when colder temperatures force them inside.

Special Event Spraying

By signing up for the Three Visit Summer Program insect plan you obtain access to a 24 Hour special event day hotline. This provides you with first priority in scheduling any extra spray at no extra cost to you. We will treat the event area and any surrounding areas with a fast acting, odor free product that will greatly reduce the number within 24 hours of your telephone call. This service is free of charge to you.

Perimeter Pest Guarantee

Organic Lawns of America guarantees to provide your home with unlimited free insect controls to give you protection for all of your special barbeques and outdoor activities. We make your summer more enjoyable and memorable! Interested in making sure your lawn stays in excellent shape for your parties? Ask about our grass weed and feed program!

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