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Weeds are the enemy of any homeowner who wants a lush, beautiful lawn. At OrganicLawns, we take a natural approach to dealing with these overpowering, nutrient-depleting plants. Weed and feed is a term we use to describe our organic weed control and fertilizer services. Although these two functions are not always performed simultaneously, both are integral to your lawn’s overall health and beauty.

With our weed and feed service, OrganicLawns wants to give you the thick, green and weed-free lawn you’ve always wanted. We offer environmentally friendly products hand-selected by our company owners, including some of the best weed control products and organic-based fertilizers on the market.

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Our Weed and Feed Lawn Service

The best approach to weed control and fertilizer application is to ensure each product is applied during the optimal season. Different weeds come up at different times of the year, making weed control an essential service all year long. Along with that, fertilizer must be applied when your grass and plants are at their peak growing cycle.

As part of our Lawn Care Packages, we provide weed and feed service to our customers every four to six weeks. This service prevents crabgrass, eliminates weeds and ensures a well-fed lawn with organic-based fertilizers.

Weed Control

If weeds are your main concern, you can trust OrganicLawns. We offer environmentally friendly solutions to safely and effectively eliminate weeds. We believe when it comes to controlling weeds in a lawn, it is imperative to use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach. This ecosystem-based strategy focuses on long-term prevention.

Our comprehensive approach begins with pre-emergent weed control in the spring. Pre-emergent products are those that stop certain weeds or grassy plants from actually occurring.

In essence, our pre-emergent weed control puts an invisible barrier or shield which stops weeds from growing at all.

This service eliminates problematic crabgrass, which is a consistent problem for Maryland lawns and various seasonal broadleaf weeds that occur frequently year-round.

Post-emergent weeds are weeds that have actually sprouted. Despite our pre-emergent weed control, weed seeds can spread to your lawn due to birds, animals or the wind. In the summer, post-emergent weed control eliminates sprouted weeds and keeps them from regrowing.

At OrganicLawns, we never cut corners with the products we use. We only use premium control products that will curtail weeds within a few hours of application and attack at the root zone of the weed immediately, preventing them from coming back — all while preserving soil nutrients.


When you choose OrganicLawns, we’ll apply fertilizer at key points throughout the year.

Fertilization is extremely beneficial for your lawn as it promotes health, gives your lawn the nutrients it needs and maintains its vitality no matter what the season or weather conditions may be.

Our fertilizer is a blend of synthetic and organic-based fertilizer. Our owners hand-picked this formula for its ability to replenish your soil, encourage plant growth and retain more moisture for plants. The result is thick, fast-growing grass that you can enjoy all season long. In choosing a fertilizer, we found that phosphorous was not needed as an everyday product, especially considering the adverse effects it can have on our area waterways and bays.

How You Can Help!

Our customers are always asking how they can help reduce runoff to the Chesapeake and make the environment better. Raising the height of your lawn mower one inch can make a huge difference. A cutting height of 3 inches is perceived as optimal in allowing the full function of tall fescue for photosynthesis and reduces overall stress in your turf. You can also leave the clippings when you’re finished mowing because they break down quickly and encourage beneficial microorganisms and earthworms to digest thatch and maintain healthy soil.

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Experience Outstanding Weed and Feed Services in Maryland

With OrganicLawns, you can experience a healthy, lush and weed-free lawn perfect for outdoor parties and family BBQs. Each of our Lawn Packages offers organic-based fertilizers and weed control services designed to outperform the competition. Plus, we’ll personalize your plan based on what works for you and your needs. Give us a call at 410.536.5800 or contact us online today to learn more.

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