When you look out your window to admire your property, the lawn is one of the most noticeable features. The same goes for anyone passing by your home. A flourishing green lawn will fill you with pride for your property while boosting its curb appeal.


Lawn Care Services in Abingdon, Maryland

At OrganicLawns, we’re here to help homeowners in Abingdon, Maryland, care for their lawns. Through our comprehensive lawn care services, we garner healthy grass by helping it retain crucial nutrients while keeping unwanted weeds or insects out of the picture. Choose OrganicLawns for lawn care services Abington residents can count on.


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The OrganicLawns Advantage

It takes a consistent effort to bring the best out of your lawn. Many local homeowners just don’t have enough hours in the day to give their lawns the attention they need. The experts at OrganicLawns are here to help. We’re a dependable family-owned lawn care company with an extensive list of services that account for each property’s unique needs. Here’s what makes OrganicLawns different:

  • Organic lawn care products: Our fertilizers, insect repellants and weed control products feature natural ingredients that are safe for the environment and your family.
  • Tailored solutions: We recognize that every lawn has different needs, and we personalize our services accordingly. We’ll perform a soil test to tailor our approach to your property.
  • Complimentary services: We start the process with a free estimate and return for free quality control inspections after finishing the job. 
  • Affordable rates: Our prices make it possible for nearly any Abingdon homeowner to afford a lawn care package that beautifies their property. 
  • Contract-free services: We want the results you see to be the reason you schedule your next visit. That’s why we offer pay-as-you-go options for our services. There’s no need to sign a long-term contract. 
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Weed Control

Any homeowner can achieve a weed-free yard with help from OrganicLawns. We offer fiesta weed control products to address a variety of species that are local to the area. We’ll focus on eliminating unwanted growth and stopping weeds from returning. Choose our weed control services to take control of your yard’s look. 

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Aeration and Seeding

Lawns are healthier when essential nutrients reach deep into the ground where the roots can absorb them Our aeration and seeding services create pockets for nutrients, water, air and new seeds to permeate the soil.

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Insect Control

Keep your pets safe from ticks and fleas with our insect control services. We can also clear your yard of unwanted bees, wasps, beetles and other pests so you can enjoy greater peace of mind outdoors. 

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Our organic-based fertilizers can improve any lawn’s health for deeper coloration and complete coverage. We’ll give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow as thick as it can all around the yard. Our team uses a unique fertilizer for each season to account for your lawn’s changing needs. 

Make OrganicLawns Your Go-To Local Lawn Care Company

Your home deserves to shine. With a little maintenance from your local Bel Air lawn care company, it will do more than shine — it will glow. OrganicLawns has the techniques and products to turn your patchy or discolored grass into the type of green carpet you only see on golf courses.

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