Odenton, Maryland, is a historic town with beautiful properties sprawling across every acre. OrganicLawns is here to ensure your lawn looks as fresh and lively as possible. Our lawn care services address every aspect that’s crucial to healthy grass.

Lawn Care Services in Odenton, Maryland

We’ll work with your property over the course of a few months to grow lush green grass on every inch of your lawn. To get started, contact OrganicLawns and schedule your free estimate. 

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Aeration and Seeding

Aeration is the process of digging cores out of a lawn that serve as entry holes for air, water and nutrients. At OrganicLawns, we perform aeration before seeding to ensure the seeds we plant have the best opportunity to grow into healthy grass. Aerating a lawn allows more nutrients to get to the root zone while also preventing soil compaction. Our aeration and seeding services produce noticeable results in the immediate future and as seasons pass. 

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Weed Control

Weeds detract from your yard’s uniform look. With our weed control services, we’ll rid your yard of pesky weeds like ground ivy, crabgrass and broadleaf by offering organic products specifically crafted for the situation. Our crews work to stop weeds before they grow and eliminate them after they sprout. Work with us for a weed-free yard you can be proud of.

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Insect Control

Our insect control services treat yards with organic products that prevent and eliminate pests like fleas, ticks, bees and spiders. Insects and other pests can detract from your lawn’s health. They can even harm your children or pets as they play outside.

We use natural, pet-friendly products to ensure your yard is safe and insect-free. Our experts target the most prominent bugs at the time of your appointment, and we’ll come out multiple times during the year to prevent them from returning and other pests from making an appearance. 

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Lawn fertilization involves pouring a mixture of nutrients over your grass to improve its health. Soil retains more moisture after fertilization, meaning your lawn’s roots will be healthier all around. We use lawn fertilizer to improve growth, eliminate dead patches and prevent insects. Choose our fertilization services for your home to see full coverage and vibrant coloration. 

Why Choose OrganicLawns? 

OrganicLawns is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience serving customers in Odenton, Maryland. We’re familiar with the area, so we know what it takes to improve a lawn’s health and maintain it season after season. Our team will use environmentally friendly products to produce the results you want to see — a lush, vibrant yard. You can choose one of our service plans or create one that’s entirely customized to your lawn’s needs.

Schedule a Free Estimate Today!

From our top-notch quality of work to free quotes, complimentary quality control visits and our pay-as-you-go program, there are plenty of reasons to choose OrganicLawns for lawn care in Odenton, Maryland. Request your free quote to get started today!

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