Zoysia Grass for Your Maryland Lawn

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If you’ve ever been to a golf course, chances are you’ve felt the soft texture and seen the beautiful green stretches of zoysia grass beneath your feet. Many people enjoy this grass’s low-maintenance luxury and how it brightens your yard every summer.

This classic green grass is a popular option for home lawns in warm and sunny climates. Homeowners often plant zoysia grass sods or plugs instead of seeds. Either way, zoysia grass creates a lush yard on your property.

People often have several questions about this seed, such as what zoysia grass looks like, how it spreads and how you control it. OrganicLawns wants you to love your outdoor property, so here’s everything you need to know about zoysia. 

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Where and Why to Plant Zoysia 

Southern and midwestern homeowners love this warm-season grass because of its natural properties. The warmer the climate, the easier it is to maintain zoysia grass based on how warm your climate is. This lawngrass does best in the climate transition zone, which includes Maryland and the southeastern region.

Zoysia loves sunshine and can grow in somewhat shaded areas, so it’s perfect for a backyard with plenty of light. This grass is drought-tolerant, and you can train it to grow in periods of light rainfall. 

Many people love how zoysia grass complements their home in the summer. When you plant zoysia grass seed, you’ll enjoy barefoot nights on the lawn, weed-free maintenance and its beautiful forest green color.

The Benefits of Zoysia

Along with its stunning physical properties, zoysia has many advantages that homeowners enjoy. Here are three benefits of zoysia grass that we love:

  1. Durability: This type of grass is often disease-, weed- and pest-free. You’ll have strong grass for the duration of your warm season with zoysia.
  2. Low maintenance: Zoysia creates a firm layer of turf on your lawn, so weeds can’t penetrate your grass easily.
  3. Drought-resistance: Zoysia grass can grow in droughts because it conserves underground moisture.

Zoysia grass’s benefits show why it’s a warm-season favorite. You’ll see bright, green grass and enjoy worry-free maintenance during your sunny months.

Drawbacks and Considerations

Golf courses are seasonal establishments, which is why they often use zoysia grass. Homeowners may not choose this grass for the same reason golf courses close in the winter — it needs warmth.

Here are three factors to review before choosing zoysia grass:

  1. Limited color: Zoysia grass will keep its beautiful green color for only a few months out of the year. While it lasts longer than other warm-season grasses, zoysia becomes dormant from early fall to midspring.
  2. Slow establishment: You’ll have to be patient as the zoysia grass seed establishes. However, this longer process is why zoysia stays weed-free.
  3. Invasive spread: Zoysia grass will spread across large areas if unkept. Lawn care experts can help you remove or control your zoysia seed with additional services.

While there are particular considerations for planting zoysia grass sod, certain homes in Maryland are the perfect fit for this type. Consulting our professional team at OrganicLawns will give you a better idea of what grass is best for you. 

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Zoysia Lawn Care

One of the best parts of zoysia grass is its low-maintenance requirements. Like all grass types, zoysia needs to be seeded, watered, fertilized and mowed. 

Here are our recommendations for proper lawn care with zoysia grass:

  1. Seeding: We plant zoysia in late spring or early summer after the frost ends. For warm climate areas, this time is when the air temperature reaches 80 degrees. You can expect zoysia grass seeds to germinate in 14 to 21 days.
  2. Watering: Like most grasses, zoysia needs about 1 inch of rainfall or water every week. Deeper watering at irregular times can also train your grass to resist drought conditions.
  3. Fertilizing: After the grass establishes and you’ve mowed the lawn a few times, we can help you fertilize in late spring. To prepare for winter, we’ll fertilize about six weeks before your area’s fall frost.
  4. Mowing: Keep zoysia grass around 1 to 1 1/2 inches tall for the best results. You can increase its height by a half-inch in the summer to shade its roots.

For a healthy, bright lawn, choose zoysia grass. With light care and appropriate maintenance, you’ll love how your home looks throughout the sunny days of summer.

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Maryland homeowners have many grass options to decorate their homes throughout the warmest months of the year. If zoysia grass interests you, consult one of our lawn care experts to see if it’s right for your property.

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