Broadleaf Weed Control

If broadleaf weeds are taking over your yard, you’re not alone. These unwelcome guests disrupt many otherwise well-manicured lawns, and eventually, they can take over your yard if not correctly treated. Understanding the different weed types can help you know what services you need to prevent them from growing.

At OrganicLawns, we treat your lawn like our own. Our team can provide several pest removal services, including broadleaf weed control to handle these challenging plants and prevent them from taking over your yard. We can also give you tips on how to get rid of new broadleaf weeds to keep your lawn lush and beautiful.

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What Are Broadleaf Weeds?

The term “broadleaf weeds” applies to several different kinds of plants that can multiply with ease. Their roots are sturdier than those of other weeds, making it hard to pull them out. They typically have some sort of flower that blossoms over time. Broadleaves grow annually, biennially and perennially, so keeping them in check can feel like quite the chore.

Getting rid of broadleaf weeds takes a lot of effort — that’s why lawn care services are so important. OrganicLawns helps you keep intruding weeds out of your lawn with our broadleaf control options, no matter how well they hide.

What Is Broadleaf Grass?

Broadleaf grasses are a group of hardy grasses that tend to grow quickly and withstand many environmental conditions — and attempts to remove them. Although varieties like crabgrass are sometimes grown deliberately, many homeowners try to keep these aggressive plants out of their lawns so they don’t crowd out the preferred grasses. Like the weeds, broadleaf grasses require frequent maintenance to keep them under control.

Common Types of Broadleaf Weeds

Before learning how to kill broadleaf weeds, it’s essential to know what these plants look like. Their leaves are the main giveaway when you are checking for identifying characteristics. A few common broadleaf weed types include:

  • Dandelions

    These regularly seen yellow buds have long stems. The hairless leaves are close to the ground and smooth to the touch. Their foliage is longer and has pointed tips with visible veins on top.

  • Chickweed

    Little white flowers from this plant quickly produce germinating capsules. Oval-shaped leaves sprout in clusters on the stems.

  • Clover

    Blooming from mid-May to September, this broadleaf weed packs together in clumps. Dark green hues adorn this recognizable three-leafed plant. Occasional white and pink flowers mature from these weeds.

  • Plantains

    Often sighted near sidewalks and parking lots, plantains are low-growing weeds with light green petals that bud in rosettes.

  • Henbit

    This winter annual produces its seeds during the fall. Its broad, egg-shaped leaves have a pointy appearance and veins underneath them.

  • Dollarweed

    As the name suggests, these green discs hold a silver dollar shape and fleshy undergrowth similar to lily pads.

Because broadleaf weeds are resilient and come in many types, they can grow at all points in the year. Examine your yard to see what kind you have to take the proper steps for removal.

How to Prevent Broadleaf Weeds

One of the best methods of broadleaf weed prevention is to maintain your yard with proper lawn care equipment. Mowers are a great tool for this purpose, whether you have a push or riding model. Many grass cutters have flexible options to fit your specific care needs. For example, it could be that you have your blades set too high. By testing out different heights for your mower, you’ll be able to figure out the best cut for your lawn. Weed eaters are another great tool to use in weed prevention. Some weeds, like plantains, grow very close to the pavement where your mowers can’t reach. A weed wacker can cut those plants that sprout in hard-to-reach spots. Regular use of this hand-held equipment can slow the spread of broadleaf weeds. You can remove some greenery by hand. When you pull a weed out with its roots, you drastically reduce its chances of germinating to other areas. However, some weeds have deeper undergrowth, so it can be challenging to get them out of the ground without the proper services. Realistically, the best way to prevent broadleaf weeds is to eliminate them permanently with a lawn care service.

How to Get Rid of Broadleaf Weed

Because weeds can sprout at any point in the year, it’s necessary to treat them all year long to maintain a nice yard. At OrganicLawns, we can help control the growth of any broadleaf weeds common in your area. We offer Fiesta broadleaf weed control options that are both kid- and pet-friendly, so you can have peace of mind when we work around your home.

OrganicLawns offer two main treatments classified as pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergent products stop specific kinds of weed growth from occurring at all. Post-emergent options work on sprouted weeds that need seasonal timing, like henbit, which can grow in the winter but dies in the summer.

Broadleaf weed roots vary in length, so we make sure our environmentally friendly products penetrate the ground deeply enough to eradicate them. Once you contact us, we will send our trained experts to inspect the area. We will make a schedule with you and treat your yard every four to six weeks for the ultimate control over broadleaf weeds. Our line of weed control products works by attacking the roots of the plant. Once all root undergrowth halts, the weeds can’t grow back or spread.

Areas We Serve With Broadleaf Weed Control

OrganicLawns is a family-operated lawn care service located in Baltimore County. We are proud to serve those who live in the neighboring areas of Maryland, including these counties:

  • Anne Arundel
  • Prince George
  • Montgomery
  • Howard
  • Harford
  • Carroll

Maryland homeowners can have confidence in our ability to protect and improve their lawns. It takes time to create the perfect yard, but we are here with you every step of the way to make that happen. If you’re wondering how to get rid of your broadleaf weeds, you’ve found the answer with OrganicLawns.

Trust OrganicLawns to Protect and Beautify Your Yard

Every yard is different, but no one should have to deal with weeds. Our broadleaf weed control service is perfect for eliminating those challenging sprouts. Let the team at OrganicLawns ease the burden of safely maintaining your outdoor space. Contact us online today or call 410.536.5800 for a free quote to start building a lawn you’ll love at your Maryland home!

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