Organic Tree and Shrub Program

Our organic tree and shrub program is unique in the fact that organic lawns has been working on creating the perfect 4 visit program that touches each season spring, summer, fall and winter. Our program is heavily designed with the realization that we can do things organically and naturally while still providing your trees and shrubs with outstanding results. Here are some of the basic visits that we can offer to you and your trees and shrubs while also being sensitive to our beautiful environment.

Dormant Oil

Our dormant oil visit contains natural oils such as sesame seed, caster and fish oil. It will help control all egg laying insects that produce devastating damage to your beloved plants. How it works is natural and simple. There are four stages when controlling these type of pests. Our natural dormant oils will work on the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. By coating your trees and shrubs with a thin oil film repelling all of these harmful insects.

Organic Based Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

Our organic based tree and shrub fertilizer will provide all of your plants with a readily available source of organic based nutrients. This will help your trees and shrubs with increase resistance to environmental extremes of the four seasons. Your plants will perform better under drought and heat of the summer and also the extreme winters we have had the past few years here in Maryland. The slow feeding of this pelletized visit will keep your plants wanted more.


This exciting NEW addition to our tree and shrub program is 100% organic! This product will selectively control Japanese beetles on all your trees and shrubs. The best part about the product is the fact that not only is it organic but it will not harm any of the beneficial insects such as bees, lady bugs, and butterflies. The bees are becoming more protective and we should all do our part in keeping this beneficial insect safe without using harmful materials to hinder it. This product consistently produces results that are fantastic! You can feel good in the fact that we at organic lawns are working diligently for our customers while doing the right thing for our environment.

Insect/Disease Inspections & Control

Our tree and shrub state certified technician, John Garey, will personally visit your property from April – December and inspect and treat your ornamental trees and shrubs using the safest and most advanced methods available. It is crucial to understand that your trees and shrubs are always going to have stresses throughout the year. With this realization, organic lawns is prepared throughout the growing season by having John available with his 20 years’ experience to keep your plants growing and prospering the natural way throughout each and every visit he performs.