OrganicLawns is proud to serve Damascus, Maryland, as a reliable lawn care company. We know how unpredictable the weather can be in Maryland. Our climate’s uncertainty makes it hard for plants and grass to grow properly in the spring and summertime. That’s where we come in. OrganicLawns brings quality work and effective products together to make your grass grow into a lush, green carpet.

Your home will look brand new with fresh green grass surrounding it. If you’re ready for a yard transformation, contact OrganicLawns today.

Lawn Care Services Offered in Damascus, Maryland

Damascus has a rural heritage and small-town charm. Children attend a highly rated school system, and families spend lots of time outdoors, whether it’s playing in the yard or taking a trip to Damascus Recreational Park. If you decide to enjoy the day at home, you may notice your grass is patchy, dry or discolored. OrganicLawns has the tools to change those problems.

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When we first arrive at your home, we’ll take a soil test. This test shows us the soil’s nutrient-based contents and what fundamental elements are missing. We’ll go over the results with you to help you make an informed decision about the services you want for your yard. We offer three different lawn care packages, and we can also create a customized plan to give your yard the exact treatment it needs.

With a little time, you’ll see your grass growing thicker and greener. Some of the services we offer include:

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Lawn Fertilization

Every four to six weeks, we lay fresh organic fertilizer to ensure your soil has the necessary nutritional contents for maximum grass growth.

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Weed Control

Our environmentally friendly products target weeds at the root, eliminating them and stopping their ability to grow back during the season.

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Aeration and Seeding

Aeration is a process where we make small holes in the ground. These holes help water, air and nutrients reach the roots of the grass. They also protect newly planted seeds from being blown away or kicked around.

The Benefits of Lawn Care Services From OrganicLawns

When your lawn looks great, you feel great. That’s what OrganicLawns loves to see. We dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction. That’s why our state-certified technicians approach every service with care. For example, during our aeration process, we aerate your lawn twice.

Two times the aeration means that seeding will be two times as successful.

We also fertilize your yard with every visit. That routine gives your soil constant nourishment for grass growth.

Another benefit of our services is that the curbside value of your home increases with the addition of thick, green grass. Once our treatments have done their work, we’re sure your Damascus lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Let OrganicLawns Transform Your Property

If you live in Damascus, Maryland, and need lawn care services, let OrganicLawns know! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and environmentally friendly lawn care. Once we finish, you’ll hardly recognize your yard. Contact us today to start planning your lawn care maintenance.

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