Columbia is a beautiful city with a cozy suburban feel and a great education system. The people form tight-knit neighborhood communities, and everyone works hard to maintain their homes to improve the city’s overall curbside value. OrganicLawns respects the efforts of Columbia locals and wants to lend a helping hand.

We are a local lawn care company that services lawns in the Columbia area. With over 20 years of experience, we bring all our knowledge and tools to your yard with every job and promptly get to work. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our commitment and your yard’s progress.

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Lawn Services Offered in Columbia, Maryland

OrganicLawns makes your Columbia lawn its main priority, starting with a soil test. The soil test helps us get to know your soil, including what it’s doing right and where it needs the most help. The results show us your soil’s nutrient content. These results show us what services and lawn care packages would benefit your yard most. We can even customize a plan to target your property’s needs. Whatever strategy you choose, we guarantee our work will make a positive difference.

We complete all of our services with reliable equipment and environmentally friendly products. That way, your children and pets can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. Our three lawn care packages include a range of services that help restore your yard’s life and color. Such services include:

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Lawn Aeration and Seeding

We aerate your lawn by creating small holes in the ground. These holes allow water and nutrients to seep into the root system more efficiently, and they also hide and protect grass seeds from wind and other external factors.

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Weed Control

Several types of weeds plague Columbia lawns. Our eco-friendly products seep down and attack these plants at the root, eliminating them from your property for the season.

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Lawn Fertilization

Our blend of organic-based and synthetic fertilizer creates a healthy balance of nutrients for your soil. The synthetic portion encourages grass growth, while the organic part helps your soil absorb more water for grass to grow healthier.

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Insect Control

A range of unwelcome insects can take residence on your lawn. These include harmful bugs like ticks, fleas and spiders. OrganicLawns can take care of them with an insect control solution that keeps your family and yard safe.

Several grubs on-top of soil.
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Grub Control

Grubs are small, white larvae from beetles. These insects live in your soil and eat your grass roots for nourishment. We help bring your grass back to its optimal state by applying a Grub Gone solution to remove pests.

Make OrganicLawns Your Columbia Lawn Care Partner

Give your lawn the love it needs with lawn care from OrganicLawns. We have a range of services, a team of state-certified specialists and the drive to see your lawn achieve its peak in health and appearance. We offer excellent customer service and perform meticulous work during each visit to your property.

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