Fallston is a charming community with plenty of parks and other natural attractions for residents. Whether you’re attending a local football game or visiting one of the museums, there’s plenty to do — but sometimes the best thing is to stay home and enjoy your space. To enhance your outdoor area, contact OrganicLawns.

Whether you’re playing a game of catch or taking a few moments to sit outside and enjoy a beautiful sunny day, your lawn is an essential feature of your home. At OrganicLawns, we work with environmentally friendly lawn care products that can transform any dry, patchy or discolored lawn into a lush oasis of green grass. We offer products that are people- and pet-friendly, and we give all our projects the highest level of attention to create a beautiful lawn the whole family will enjoy. 

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Lawn Care Services in Fallston, Maryland

OrganicLawns is proud to provide lawn services in the Fallston, Maryland, area and help homeowners feel more confident in the health and look of their lawns. We’ll begin our services by testing the soil to determine the nutrient levels of your soil. We’ll share the results so you have the knowledge and confidence to make the best decision regarding your lawn care needs. 

You can choose a lawn care package or customize your lawn care services to meet your specific needs. Here are a few of the services we offer.

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Weed Control

Weeds can affect the health of your lawn by preventing your grass from receiving the sunlight it needs. Our products attack weeds at their roots to prevent them from growing back.

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Aeration and Seedings

Aeration is the process of creating holes in your lawn to help water and other nutrients reach the root zone. We’ll complete the process twice to give the roots and seeds the best chance of receiving the nutrients they need. After this step, we’ll plant new seeds in the holes to create a lush, green carpet of grass.

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Insect Control

Keep your lawn and your family safe from ants, bees and harmful insects. Our environmentally friendly formula will remove any pests within three visits to make your lawn a safe, healthy space for people and pets. 

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Fertilizing your lawn will improve its root system and eliminate patches of dirt by restoring dead grass. It will also prevent insects and weeds from dominating your lawn space. Our fertilizer is environmentally friendly and organic, making it safe for pets and humans while creating thick, fast-growing grass.

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When you choose OrganicLawns, you’ll experience a lawn care company dedicated to improving your yard’s health and appearance. Our team will go above and beyond to keep your grass healthy all season long.

Our environmentally and pet-friendly products will keep your family safe while increasing your home’s curb appeal.

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The expert team at OrganicLawns will elevate your yard into a green, fresh space you can’t wait to enjoy. Contact us to start transforming your lawn today!

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