Maintaining a beautifully lush and vibrant green lawn can be a challenge for homeowners. With the added stresses of a full-time job and indoor work, keeping up with your yard is hard. OrganicLawns has you covered. We are a local lawn care company striving to help every lawn achieve its best appearance. We offer 20 years of experience and a team of state-certified lawn technicians committed to your yard’s health.

When you contact us, we approach your Annapolis lawn as if it’s unique — because it truly is.

Lawn Services Offered in Annapolis, Maryland

Our goal as your local lawn care company in Annapolis is to provide customized yard service. That’s why we begin our work with a soil test. This test is critical to understanding the nutrients your soil contains or lacks. We then create a plan that fulfills your soil’s needs while eliminating any pests that get in the way.

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Once we have received the soil test results, we review them with you and go over the best courses of action. OrganicLawns has three separate and effective lawn care packages. Each one comes with a list of services. Such services include:

A lawn aerator pulling cores from yard.
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Aeration and Seeding

We aerate your lawn by making small holes in the ground. These holes help water and nutrients easily travel down into the root system, and they also protect seeds that could otherwise get carried away by wind or human activity.

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Weed Control

Weeds are stubborn plant pests that disrupt your lawn’s beauty. Once applied, our eco-friendly products seep down to the roots of these weeds and eliminate them before they can grow larger or germinate.

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Insect Control

Insects such as bees, fleas and ticks pose threats to your family, while beetles, spiders and ants threaten your lawn’s health. We control both groups with products that are gentle on the property but tough on unwelcome bugs.

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Grub Control

Grubs are small larvae that live in the soil and feed off your grass’s root system. To preserve your lawn, our team stops their damage with Grub Gone products.

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Lawn Fertilization

Take advantage of lawn fertilization services in Annapolis. Your grass needs a constant supply of nutrients to stay green and continue growing. That’s why we spread our blend of synthetic and organic-based fertilizer on your lawn during each visit. Our mixture restores needed nutrients and keeps the soil fertile.

Make OrganicLawns Your Lawn Care Partner in Annapolis

Every house deserves to feel like a home. If you need help turning your struggling property into a beautiful, lush yard, let OrganicLawns help. We have high-quality equipment, eco-friendly products and a team of specialists dedicated to your satisfaction. We’ll have your lawn dense and green in no time by using pet- and children-friendly products.

Don’t let weeds, inconsistent weather patterns and insects control your lawn. Our packages come with a range of services that take care of everything, from organic fertilization to removal of stubborn weeds and grubs. Manage your lawn care in Annapolis with OrganicLawns! Contact us today to learn more about our services, or call us at 410.536.5800.

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