Soil Testing

Organic Lawns takes pride in separating ourselves from our competition with the little extras that we are proud of by making them part of our regular service. When you’re a lawn care customer of Organic Lawns you will soon see the difference with services such as soil testing.

What is Soil Testing?

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Soil testing is an added feature we offer to each and every lawn care customer by actually coming out to your property and taking tiny little parcels of soil from specific locations of your property to paint a picture of how your lawn actually rates in relation to nutrient content and pH. Our lawn care program incorporates this measurement into our plan to help us identify the weaknesses of your soil needs. Every solid foundation begins at the ground level and that parallels the way your grass grows.

What Does a Lawn Soil Test Involve?

Once you have scheduled service with Organic Lawns our job is to perform the soil test to your lawn and have the results delivered to you personally so you can see what your lawn needs to function and perform. We can then work hand in hand to develop a common-sense approach to produce results you can see. The soil test gives us a road map to use throughout the season and helps us cater your lawn care program around your lawns needs.

Soil Testing pH Levels Explained

Your soils pH allows us to put a basic number to your lawns acidity and from there we can adjust accordingly. For example, if your lawn is tested and it carries a pH of 5.0 this is a clear indication that your lawn is acidic. We can then apply dolomitic limestone to your property to actually raise the pH NATURALLY. This very simple solution will allow your lawn to feed better and grow thicker and more beautifully throughout the season. We believe in natural remedies for your lawn care program and strive to produce results based on information that we achieve from your soil test. Soil testing is an integral part of putting the lawn care puzzle together and is a must for all lawn care programs.

Call OrganicLawns for Soil Testing

Our company is transparent in our approach and our soil testing is just one reason you should give Organic Lawns your trust and your lawn will soon begin to become thick, green and weed free.

Call today and we can personally perform your soil test and begin servicing and making your lawn feel vigorous and full of life.