Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is an unsightly weedy grass that emerges in the spring and resembles a thicker, paler, blade of grass that has somewhat of a star pattern. It will easily take over a turf grass stand in a short period of time if not controlled properly. Organic Lawns went the extra mile when selecting our crabgrass control. We started using dimension for one reason, it’s the best! Dimension separates itself from the competition by offering a non-staining product that provides unmatched crabgrass control. What separates our crabgrass control from our competitors is the ability to control crabgrass as a pre-emergent control as well as a post emergent control. Most of the other products simply cannot control crabgrass once it appears or emerges in your lawn.

Organic Lawns further separates ourselves by performing two split applications of crabgrass control while most companies only perform one. This is important to understand because by offering two visits of crabgrass control we can provide your lawn with more of a residual effect giving season long control. Organic Lawns uses this split application method by hitting the crabgrass weed with a pre-emergent to prevent most of the crabgrass weeds from emerging from the start. As part of your regular program we then follow that first application of crabgrass control with and additional visit to capture and control crabgrass seedlings that emerge after the first visit. This dual application is at a premium cost and that is the reason most lawn care companies do not offer it to their customers.
Another fantastic attribute of dimension is the fact that it is a very stable product. This means there is no negative result to our environment. Our environment is everything to organic lawns and we hand select all of our products based on that reason first followed by producing results our customers can see on their lawns on a daily basis.

Our lawn care program focuses on our customer’s lawn care needs and we realize that crabgrass is a traditional hot point for Maryland lawns. Our summers are hot and our winters are cold which provide the perfect medium for crabgrass infestation. Let us bring your lawn to its fullest potential by preventing this unsightly crabgrass weed from even thinking about entering your turf from the start. Organic lawns will always provide your lawn care program with the most superior products available and are excited to show you how we can rid your lawn of crabgrass this season.