Broadleaf Weed Control

Organic lawns takes every step possible to create a natural and organic approach to lawn care. Is it possible to kill weeds organically? Before we answer this question it may be important to ask ourselves what is a weed? A weed is defined as follows: A plant out of place. A plant such as a dandelion or a clover are just plants that are growing in the wrong place. Currently there are actually organic ways of eliminating weeds, but, the difficulty presents itself when trying to selectively eliminate those weeds without harming your thick stand of grass while doing so. This is known as a selective control product which means it eliminates the target pest without harming your primary plant such as grass. With this in mind, organic lawns have chosen to use the next best thing which is a product called “horsepower”. We use horsepower for one basic reason. It doesn’t contain 2, 4-D which is very persistent in our environment. 2, 4-D was developed during World War II and was widely used in the Vietnam War to destroy foliage in an effort to expose the enemy. Most of our competitors surprisingly still use this persistent product that contains a systemic phenoxy herbicide because it is inexpensive and readily available.

We at organic lawns have also dedicated our broadleaf weed control visits using an I.P.M. approach which stands for integrated pest management. This means that we only treat where necessary to control a particular weed in certain areas of your turf. If you have a large amount of weeds in your front lawn while there are no weeds in your back lawn we have the capacity to just treat where the weeds are present. This use of integrated pest management helps preserve our environment while also keeping with the guides of the Maryland Department of Agriculture with regards to servicing our lawns properly.

We have invested in Permagreens to help us service properties in an efficient and effective manner. Permagreens are machines that look like they are straight out of Star Wars in that they allow our certified technicians to stand upright while moving at a controlled pace while applying weed control and organic based products with extreme precision and extreme accuracy. This makes for a happier and healthier lawn being fed perfectly and precisely for all visits. The use of these machines also allow us to provide your lawn with granular and liquid visits separately or combined at the same time. This flexibility allows us always to be on top of weeds with our ability to spray the weeds where necessary all the while spreading our hand selected organic based fertilizer products for each and every visit.