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Weed and Feed Lawn Services in MarylandOrganic Lawns is proud to offer some of the best weed control products on the market. First allow me to explain that pre-emergent products are products that stop certain weeds or grassy weeds from actually occurring which in essences puts an invisible barrier or shield which stops weeds from growing at all. Post emergent weeds are weeds that have actually sprouted and need to be control upon visual inspection or timing of the season.

We believe when it comes to controlling weeds in a lawn it is imperative to use an I.P.M. strategy. If weeds are your main concern then your lawn care program should not cut corners with the products you use. We only use premium control products what will curtail weeds within a few hours of application and attack at the root zone of the weed immediately and then prevent them from coming back.

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Our customers are always asking how they can help reduce runoff to the Chesapeake and make the environment better. Raising the height of your lawn mower one inch can make a huge difference. A cutting height of 3 inches is perceived as optimal in allowing the full function of tall fescue for photosynthesis and reduces overall stress in your turf. You can also leave the clippings when you’re finished mowing because they break down quickly and encourage beneficial microorganisms and earthworms to digest thatch and maintain healthy soil.


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