Lawn Care Maintenance Plans

At OrganicLawns, we bring our knowledge, equipment and products to you. We know the potential of every yard, and our goal is to see your lawn reach that potential. That’s why we offer three lawn care plans to accommodate all of the goals you have. Make your property the talk of the town with proper treatments and services. Each plan we offer includes several services that will make even the driest yard into a green dream. 

There’s also the added benefit of our products being environmentally friendly, which means that you can enjoy your lawn worry free. Keep weeds, grub and insects away with your chosen plan. With a little time, you’ll see your yard begin to thrive.

lawn care economy package organic lawns


Our economy package comes with several services that help keep your lawn beautiful. You receive annual soil testing, fertilizer and weed control to keep the grounds nice and tidy and soil amendment to encourage plant health. We perform grub control services to keep your lawn full and green.
lawn care premium package organic lawns


Our certified techs encourage your lawn to grow thick and green by providing all the Economy package has to offer plus Core Aeration & Premium Seeding. We also apply a starter fertilizer to allow your seed to sprout into a healthy carpet-like weed free lawn.
lawn care premius plus package organic lawns

Premium- Plus

If your lawn needs to reach the highest level, look into Premium PLUS! This all-inclusive package includes all the premium package has to offer PLUS core aeration, nutsedge control, disease control along with our premium slice seeding for the ultimate in lawn care!

Choose your families program for a thick, lush OrganicLawn's for your family!

Each solution below offers organiclawns best proven programs that outperform the competition. Each program has its benefits to fit with what works for you and your families needs.

Select Your Package Economy Premium Premium-Plus
Fertilizer & Weed Control
Soil Amendment
Annual Soil Testing
Grub Control
Aeration and Seeding
Starter Fertilizer
Nutsedge Application
Disease Control
Professional Slice Seeding
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    Aeration and Seeding

    This service is our favorite service to completely change the appearance of your lawn so your family can enjoy your picnics, BBQ’s or just throwing the football to your children.

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    Flea and Tick Control

    There is nothing like peace of mind! Our flea and tick control services are the best in the industry. Live life outside again!

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    Tree and Shrub

    Our all organic Tree and Shrub program is catered towards the plants in your landscape you value most. We specialize in foundational tree and shrub care to help promote a healthy vigorous plant for your family to enjoy.

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    Crabgrass Control

    Our crabgrass control is applied at the perfect time of year to give your lawn season long control. The most important visit in lawn care by providing the best aesthetics to give your lawn a uniform look and thick, lush green carpet-like appearance.

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    Weed Control

    Broadleaf weeds are definitely an issue when it comes to eliminating weeds in Maryland. Our seasons are so very hard to predict on a monthly basis and even more difficult to predict when you are trying to control weeds on a daily occurrence.

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Multiple Options for Lawn Care Plans


OrganicLawns makes it simple to pick a lawn care program. We actually produce our own blended, organic-based fertilizer for every visit you receive. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to the environment we all live and work in. Our service is catered towards fulfilling every need your lawn has.

We space our visits four to six weeks apart so we can give your lawn the organic nutrients it needs to become a lush green carpet. Your cookouts this season will be all the better with a beautiful backdrop of thick plush turf everyone is sure to be envious of.

We offer the following lawn care service plans:

Economy Lawn Care Plan

Our economy plan provides your yard with the basics it needs to grow green, lush and beautiful. Your yard will benefit from organic fertilizer and weed control, annual soil testing and grub control. We also perform soil amendment, a soil-enhancing process where we add nutrients to the soil to make it richer.

Premium Lawn Care Plan

This lawn care maintenance program is complete with the Economy Plan’s services and more. This plan is complemented with starter fertilizer and premium core aeration. Starter fertilizer gives your grass the foundation to grow to its full potential. Aeration is the process of making small holes in the ground for water and nutrients to better reach the grassroots.

Premium-PLUS Lawn Care Plan

The ultimate organic lawn care program, this plan comes with all of the services in the Economy and Premium Plans plus more! This plan comes with nutsedge application to remove the most stubborn weeds. Your yard also gets disease control and professional slice seeding, which is an ideal method for grass planting.


The Importance of a Lawn Care Maintenance Program

Sufficient care is critical to your yard’s strength. A healthy property is fed at least twice a year with essential nutrients. When you implement an organic lawn care program, you reap several benefits. First, by applying products to the weeds and grub in your yard, you keep away unwanted and unwelcomed bugs and small creatures.

Insect control is another factor. With the appropriate solutions, you can keep away pests like fleas and ticks that pose a threat to your family and beloved pets. Lawn care maintenance also increases the value and curbside appeal of your home. You’ll certainly feel pride when you look out the window to the lush, green grass in your yard.


Make OrganicLawns Your Partner in Yard Maintenance

At OrganicLawns, we make your property our priority. Whatever lawn care service package you choose, trust that our team will make sure you’re happy with the aesthetic beauty and health of your yard. We have the expertise, equipment and products to make it happen. All you have to do is contact us! As your lawn care partner, we’ll work hard to ensure your yard is lush, thick and beautiful.

Let us commit to your yard and your satisfaction. Contact us to get a free quote or to speak with a lawn care expert today!


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