It’s not easy to be a homeowner in Germantown, MD. The Germantown area may be a delightful place to call home, but the tasks you have to keep up with as a homeowner can be overwhelming to say the least. Sometimes, it can seem like the list of things to get done never ends. Keeping up with your lawn can be one of the most challenging items on that list. If you’re looking for natural lawn service in Germantown, MD, you’re in luck.

OrganicLawns is a lawn care provider for the Germantown area that cares about your yard’s health. When you partner with us, we help you make an informed decision about our services so that your yard receives the attention and nutrients it needs. Our services range from weed and insect control to lawn fertilization.

Don’t let the sun dry out your grass and leave you with a yellow, patchy property. At OrganicLawns, we use environmentally friendly products that help make your grass thick, lush and green. Contact us to start proper lawn care for your yard.

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Lawn Services Offered in Germantown, Maryland

When you contact OrganicLawns, our goal is to ensure that your lawn receives the services it needs. Our team will start by visiting your yard and performing a soil test. This test helps us understand your soil’s contents — what nutrients it has and what nutrients it’s missing. Based on this information, we can create a plan to fill your yard’s nutritional gaps and encourage its natural growth.

We do many things aside from soil testing. Our lawn care services include:

Fertilizer being spread in a lawn.

Lawn Fertilization in Germantown, MD

Let’s start with one of the most fundamental of our services: lawn fertilization. If the lawn of your Germantown, MD doesn’t seem quite as green as it used to, fertilization is one of the simplest things we can do to help you.

Plants need more than just sunlight and water to survive. If you want your grass to be looking green and lush for years to come, you’ll have to make sure it’s well-fed, too. This is where our premium, custom-blended, 100% natural fertilizers come into play.

A wasp sitting atop its nest.

Insect Control

Like other Germantown, MD homeowners, you probably love seeing wildlife enjoying your lawn. There’s no satisfaction quite like knowing your own property is a part of nature. But some forms of wildlife are not so welcome.

Nobody wants pests such as fleas and ticks infesting their lawns. Here at Organic Lawns, we have the solution. We use a natural product to control these pests; its primary ingredient is none other than cedar wood oil. It will keep these unwelcome insects away from your children and pets!

An assortment of weeds growing in lawn.

Weed Control

If you have a lawn, the odds are good that you have a garden, too. As a gardener, you know just how pesky weeds can be. It can be frustrating to see weeds like dandelions, chickweed, or ground ivy popping up among what you’re trying to grow. Our products seep down to weed roots and kill them at their core.

Weeds can be quite a problem in your lawn as well. What sets Organic Lawns as a lawn service apart from our competitors is our organic approach to weed control. We utilize natural pre-emergent and post-emergent products to stop weeds before they can pop up, and take care of them if they already have.

A lawn aerator pulling cores from yard.

Aeration and Seeding

Finally, we’d like to conclude with the single best thing you can do for your Germantown, MD lawn: aeration and seeding. Simply put, there is no better thing you can do to rejuvenate a lawn that isn’t looking so green anymore.

Have you ever wondered what keeps golf courses looking so perfectly lush and green? Part of their secret is core aeration. Aeration is the process of making holes in the ground. These holes allow nutrients, air and water to reach the roots of your grass. Aeration is excellent for seeding. Seeds fall into the ground holes, safe from wind and human activity.

Using this technique doesn’t compact the soil like a spike aerator; in fact, it does the opposite. It will get down into the root zone of your grass and boost the germination of the grass seeds we sow.

The Benefits of OrganicLawns Lawn Care

We know that your home was a significant investment, and maintaining its charm is essential to you and your family. When we arrive, we’ll treat your yard like our own because we want to see it reach its rich, green potential. Aside from our commitment to your yard, there are several other benefits to employing our professional lawn care services, such as:

  • Curbside Appeal

    Any home is bound to go up in price if it has a beautiful yard. Give your grass the care it needs and watch the property value go up.

  • Family Health

    We use environmentally friendly products, which means your children and pets can play outside without being exposed to harsh chemicals.

  • Regular Maintenance

    We make visits every four to six weeks so that the grass has time to grow and we can better monitor the needs of your yard.

Since 1996, Organic Lawns has earned a reputation for itself as the finest organic lawn care company Maryland has to offer. The only thing we value as much as following ethical and sustainable lawn care practices is our customers.

At OrganicLawns, we know how hard it is to manage a yard. That’s why we offer quality tools, environmentally friendly products and reliable methods. There’s excellent potential beyond dry, yellow grass and dirt patches. With our help, you can unlock that potential. Give your yard the gift of OrganicLawns maintenance and watch it grow into a beautiful green carpet.

Looking for a Lawn Service in Germantown, MD? Contact Organic Lawns Today!

Consider hiring us to service the lawn of your Germantown, MD home. You can count on us not just to ensure you have a lush, green lawn, but also for the highest standard of customer service. If you’re interested in having your lawn treated organically by a family-owned and operated Maryland business, contact us for a free lawn estimate, or give us a call at 410.536.5800.

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