Forest Hill

With many communities, parks and history museums, there are plenty of opportunities for residents of any age to play and learn together in Forest Hill. One of your favorite activities may be to play a game of catch or host outdoor parties for the neighborhood on your lawn.

OrganicLawns is proud to help homeowners in Forest Hill, Maryland, transform their lawns into green carpets of grass perfect for playing with children and pets. Our personalized care services start with a soil test to determine your lawn’s exact needs.

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Lawn Care Services in Forest Hill, Maryland

 OrganicLawns can keep your property healthy and looking vibrant so you have a safe outdoor space for personal and social events. 

At OrganicLawns, we create effective lawn care by starting with a soil test. This test will determine which nutrients your soil may be lacking to help decide which services you need. You can choose between our lawn service packages or opt for a custom plan for your property’s specific needs. 

Whatever services you choose, we offer products that are environmentally friendly and organic to ensure your lawn is safe for people and pets. Here are a few of our service options for homes in Forest Hill.

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Tree and Shrub Services

Our tree and shrub program will help the slower-growing areas of your lawn become bigger and bloom better. As with all our products, we use organic materials in our tree and shrub care to protect your plants and improve their health.

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Aeration and Seeding

Our aeration services will create small holes in your lawn to help water and other nutrients effectively reach the grassroots. After making these holes, we’ll seed your lawn with blue tag certified seeds to ensure your grass is healthy and plush.

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Insect Control

Enjoy your lawn without the fear of bees, ants and insects. Our program will eliminate pests with pet- and environmentally friendly products so you can make the most of your outdoor space. 

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We’ll fertilize your lawn each time we visit your home for service to replenish nutrients. We make all our fertilizer with organic materials to effectively protect your health and the health of your yard.

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Grub Control

Beetles produce grubs, which are small white worms that hide in your soil. There, they feed on your root system and kill your grass. We use our product Grub Gone to stop grubs in their tracks, protecting your lawn from further damage.

The Advantages of Choosing OrganicLawns

Our state-certified technicians at OrganicLawns will treat your lawn like it’s our own. We’ll even complete two aeration cycles to ensure your grass seed has the best chance for growth.

When you choose us for your lawn services, you’ll experience a thick, green carpet of grass and improvements in the curb appeal of your home. Become the envy of your neighborhood with a beautiful lawn your entire family will want to spend time on.

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