Perry Hall

Perry Hall, Maryland, is a great place to live — you’re just outside the city, yet you have space for a charming house and a beautiful yard. Your lawn is one of the most noticeable features of your property, so work with an experienced lawn care team that can ensure it looks its best every year.

Lawn Care Services in Perry Hall, Maryland

OrganicLawns provides expert lawn services all over Baltimore County. We have years of experience and offer a wide range of services. Request an estimate, and we’ll get to work on the lawn of your dreams.

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Aeration and Seeding

Every lawn needs plenty of air, water and nutrients to grow, and our aeration and seeding services will make all the difference. Aeration helps the essentials reach deep into the soil where the roots can take what they need. After two aeration cycles, we’ll fill your lawn with fresh seeds that will grow into healthy grass.

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Weed Control

Weeds detract from your lawn’s appearance, and they prevent your grass from getting the nutrients it needs. If your yard is overrun with crabgrass, dandelions, broadleaf or any other species, OrganicLawns will implement a an eco-friendly weed control solution. Our preemergent treatments prevent weeds from sprouting, while our post-emergent services will take care of any growth that does occur. 

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Insect Control

Say goodbye to those pesky fleas, ticks and wasps that can get in the way of outdoor time. Our insect control services eradicate infestations and prevent them from returning. We use pet-safe, environmentally friendly products so you can enjoy your yard with complete peace of mind. 

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Fertilizing your yard will help healthy grass grow, even in those stubborn patches. Our seasonal fertilizer blends organic and synthetic components to nourish your soil and create the conditions for lush, green grass. 

The OrganicLawns Advantage

Great lawn care takes close attention to detail. The experts at OrganicLawns have more than 20 years of experience improving lawns in Perry Hall, and our technicians know what it takes to ensure grass grows in every corner of your yard. 

Our lawn care packages are designed to address specific needs, like the weed species that’s giving you the most grief or the type of insect that’s infesting your yard. We’ll also perform a soil test to identify any missing nutrients in your lawn.

Beyond our knowledge, experience and skill in the lawn care industry, we also provide some of the best customer service in the region. Our packages are affordably priced, and we sweeten the deal with perks like free estimates before you decide and complimentary quality control appointments after we complete the job. Quality is a top priority in every aspect of our business, so you can always expect the best from OrganicLawns. 

Schedule a Free Estimate Today!

OrganicLawns can transform your property by breathing new life into your grass. We offer a wide range of services for customers in Perry Hall, Maryland, and we’re always willing to discuss what’s best for your yard. To get started, request a free estimate today.

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