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The Baltimore area experiences highs and lows with each passing season, and so does your lawn. Work with OrganicLawns for lawn care in Owings Mills, Maryland, to ensure the grass is always greener on your property.

Lawn Care Services in Owings Mills, Maryland

Our team can plan a routine that brings out the best in your property. We’ll start with a soil test to target your lawn’s needs. Our comprehensive services make a difference right away and continue to show their value as time passes. Choose one of our packages or build your own with some of our most popular services.

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Aeration and Seeding

Our aeration and seeding services will encourage the growth of new grass. We’ll make sure your lawn lets the right amount of air, water and nutrients below the surface where it can impact every root and seed.

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Weed Control

Troublesome weeds can be a thing of the past when you have OrganicLawns visit your property for weed control services. We’ll eliminate existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing in.

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Insect Control

Whether you need someone to handle a current infestation or prevent unwanted insects from getting into your yard, OrganicLawns has the products and expertise for the job. Our insect control services will ensure your lawn is safe for kids and pets.

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Ensure every corner of your outdoor space grows luscious grass with lawn fertilization services. We adjust our fertilizer formula from season to season with a mixture of organic and synthetic ingredients.

Why Choose OrganicLawns?

At OrganicLawns, every product we use features natural ingredients that are safe for your family. Our organic products for weed control, insect control and fertilization provide numerous advantages for your lawn:

  • Healthy root systems: Organic materials improve root systems so grass can grow stronger and more resilient. Our organic products reach deep beneath the surface to provide the nutrients your lawn will need to power through Maryland’s seasonal changes. 
  • Safety for pets: Treating a lawn with harsh weed killers and insect repellants might get the job done, but the remnants may be harmful to your pets. With our fiesta weed control and our completely organic insect control you will have peach of mind. 
  • Environmental consciousness: Anything you put in your lawn will find its way into the local water systems that impact every living thing in the area. By using organic lawn care materials and I.P.M. strategy, we ensure our services have minimal effects on the environment. 
  • A beautiful lawn: Improving your lawn’s appearance is the end goal of any lawn care service, and organic products are incredibly effective. Our services will leave your lawn looking its best.

Schedule a Free Estimate Today

Our lawn care services for Owings Mills properties can help any homeowner achieve and maintain their dream lawn. We offer pay-as-you-go packages, which means there’s no need to sign a lengthy contract. We’ll start by coming out to your property to assess your lawn and provide a free estimate. Request your quote today! 

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