At OrganicLawns, our lawn care services help homeowners in Catonsville, Maryland, keep their properties looking pristine year after year.

Lawn Care Services in Catonsville, Maryland

We keep each client on a personalized schedule that provides all the essential nutrients and treatments their grass needs when it needs it. You can pay for the services you need as you go with zero obligation for future service. Here are some of the ways we can help with lawn care in Catonsville. 

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Aeration and Seeding

Our aeration and seeding services will prepare your lawn for prosperity. We use a core aerator machine to dig tiny holes in the lawn that allow seeds, air, water and nutrients to reach deeper into the soil. As a result, germination rates increase and your lawn’s overall appearance will immediately change for the better. 

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Weed Control

Catonsville lawns can grow dozens of types of weeds, but you can count on OrganicLawns to keep them under control. We conduct preemergent and post-emergent treatments to limit the number of weeds that grow in your yard and handle them quickly if they do crop up. We use specialized products and methods for different weed species to produce the best results for your yard.

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Insect Control

Kids and pets love running around the yard during the summertime, so make sure it’s a safe place to play. Critters like fleas, ticks, bees and wasps can cause trouble when they infiltrate your yard. Fortunately, our insect control services can prevent bugs and send them away if they appear. We use organic, pet-safe insect repellants over the course of three visits so you can enjoy the outdoors all season.

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Our fertilization services provide nutrients that foster thick, healthy lawns. Our fertilizer helps soil retain water so roots become healthier, dead patches come back to life and the entire lawn looks better than before. Whether you need to restore your lawn after a long winter or protect it against the summer’s heat, OrganicLawns has a fertilizer solution for the situation. 

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