In Pasadena, Maryland, maintaining a beautiful lawn takes consistent effort and thoughtful strategies. Working with an experienced lawn care company is the best way to keep your grass looking lush and green.

Lawn Care Services in Pasadena, Maryland

 OrganicLawns is a dependable and affordable source for lawn service in Pasadena, Maryland. We’ve operated in the area for years and know what it takes to make your yard as beautiful as it can be. 

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Aeration and Seeding

A healthy yard needs quality seeds and natural pathways for those seeds to receive essential nutrients. Our aeration and seeing services put Pasadena lawns on the path toward lasting beauty. We use core aerators to dig out small holes without compressing the solid. Then, we sprinkle seeds all around the yard, especially parts that are struggling to grow grass. The low-compression aeration process allows water, air and important nutrients to get to the seeds for a higher germination rate and a noticeably greener yard.

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Weed Control

Weeds like crabgrass, dandelions, chickweed and broadleaf can take away from your yard’s uniform look. Our products target specific types of weeds at key stages in their growth for the most comprehensive weed control for Pasadena homes. Work with OrganicLawns for preemergent weed control that stops weeds from growing and post-emergent control that handles what’s grown in. 

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Insect Control

Bugs can damage your lawn and can even harm your children or pets. Insect control services can prevent crawly critters from infesting your yard and handle the problem if they find their way in. We use pet-safe, odor-free, organic insect control products to deal with spiders, fleas, ants, bees, ticks and other pests.

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If your yard is struggling to grow consistent planes of flourishing grass, fertilization can provide the help it needs. We offer fertilization services that ensure healthy roots, restore dead patches, dispel insects and allow lawns to thrive. Our fertilizer features organic ingredients that are safe for people and pets. We change our fertilizer with the seasons to provide the nutrients lawns need at different times of the year, and the results speak for themselves.

The OrganicLawns Advantage

When you choose OrganicLawns for lawn service in Pasadena, Maryland, you’re working with a company that has the experience and knowledge to do the job right. We know the Pasadena area well, and we’ve brought out the best in dozens of lawns in the area. 

Our team is intentional about the products we use, when we use them and how frequently we treat each yard so that every field of grass is as lush and green as it can be. We offer a contract-free, pay-as-you-go program. You can opt for one of our plans or choose a few services to create a customized approach that focuses on your property’s unique needs.

Schedule a Free Estimate Today!

Beautifying your Pasadena property is easy with the experts at OrganicLawns. We’ll start you on a routine that prepares your lawn for years of good health. It all starts with a consultation session at your home, so request your free estimate today! 

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