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OrganicLawns offers lawn care products and services that can transform your yard. If you live in Glen Burnie and have a patchy, dry or discolored lawn, our team can turn it into a lush carpet of green grass. Our products are environmentally friendly, and we complete our services with extra care and attention to detail. The result is a beautiful, vibrant lawn.

Whenever you’re ready to give your yard the maintenance it needs, you can count on us!

Lawn Services Available in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Glen Burnie is an excellent suburban area to live and raise a family, especially if you work in Baltimore, Annapolis or Washington, D.C. The houses are charming, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy on the weekend. If you own a home in Glen Burnie and your grass is struggling to grow right, contact OrganicLawns.

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We serve the Glen Burnie area, helping homeowners feel confident in their lawns’ look and health. When you contact us, our first visit will include a soil test. The soil test tells us what nutrients your soil has and what nutrients it needs. We’ll go over the results with you so you can make a smart lawn care package decision. We can also customize a lawn care plan to target any specific needs your yard has.

Our lawn care packages include services that make grass grow green and thick. Some of these services include:

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Weed Control

Weeds can grow quickly, and they take up space that grass needs to grow. Our products target weeds at the root, eliminating them.

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Lawn fertilizer

Our organic fertilizer adds necessary nutrients to your soil for healthy plant growth. We spread it during every visit to maintain excellent soil.

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Insect Control

Fleas and ticks are dangerous to children and pets. With our insect control products, we can prevent them from infesting your yard.

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Aeration and Seeding

Aerating your yard is a process in which we put holes in the ground. These small holes are great for planting grass seeds and transporting water and nutrients to the roots faster.

The Advantages of Lawn Services From OrganicLawns

When you work with us, our team is dedicated to the health and appeal of your property. We work hard to ensure your grass progresses throughout the season. When we aerate the lawn, we even perform two cycles to ensure the nutrients are getting to the grass roots and the grass seeds have two times the chance of germinating.

There’s also the added benefit of your family’s happiness. With lush, green grass, your family can run through the yard without any worries of fleas, ticks or harmful chemicals.

Our environmentally friendly products are safe for pets, too.

You’ll also find that the curbside appeal of your Glen Burnie home rises with the addition of a thick, grassy lawn.

Let OrganicLawns Transform Your Glen Burnie Property

OrganicLawns has the tools, products and expertise to transform your lawn into a beautifully green carpet of grass. Trust our team of state-certified technicians and watch your yard come to life. Contact us today to start your lawn care plan!

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