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Advantages of Aeration and Seeding Services

Up to 1/3 Acre Aeration and Seeding – Call for Special Spring Pricing*

Premium Core Aeration:

Aeration and seeding is by far the most important grass care service you can offer your lawn. In addition, it is the most natural service you can have performed on your lawn. It is a safe bet that the most beautiful lawns you see in Maryland are those that are aerated and seeded during the growing season. At Organic Lawns, we take aeration seriously and use top of the line Ryan walk behind lawn aerators when we perform this service on a property.

Aeration Explained:

Core aeration actually removes cores of soil from your lawn, which alleviates compacted soil to provide oxygen for the roots. Core aeration also helps your lawn develop its own rich topsoil. The cores that are removed from your soil will naturally break down in a matter of two to three weeks, giving your lawn an added surplus of topsoil. In turn, this topsoil creates the perfect medium for your grass to grow – not only in the holes, but also on the surface of your lawn. In addition, core aeration allows your grass to gather a greater nutrient uptake. The result is better and deeper root growth and a lawn that is full, green, and lush. We are confident we provide the finest quality of core aeration service. Plus, we offer an extremely competitive rate for up to 1/3 of an acre for our regular customers throughout Maryland.

Pennington brand seedOur Seed:

Want to determine the honesty of your lawn care company? Ask to look at the quality of the seed they use. There is an extreme difference in quality from the top selling seed to the bottom of the barrel in regard to performance. Organic Lawns uses Pennington brand seed and nothing else for all of our lawn care aeration and grass seeding services. The Pennington family has been in business since 1945 and has become the largest distributor of grass seed on the planet.

They are recognizable and are trustworthy which is why we will not use another type of seed in the foreseeable future.

*Up to 1/3 Acre

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