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100% Organic Grub Control

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

organic lawns healthy green lawnYes! You’re reading this correctly our grub control is as natural as it gets. Whether you choose to have one visit with us through our a la carte choices or your grub control is part of our packages we are proud to offer our grub control that is 100% organic. We use a fantastic product called grubGone! It started gaining popularity several years ago and we are proud to have implemented this product into our program immediately. We are always scouring the landscape for new and improved products on a daily basis to bring our customers the best results using the safest means possible with the products we select.

What are GRUBS?

grub control- picture of grubGrubs are a C-shaped larva that somewhat resembles a shrimp that resides below your soils surface. If you’ve ever been planting flowers in your garden and you notice this pesky little fellow its most likely our buddy Mr. grub. Now, depending on the area in which you live your most likely to encounter the larvae of various insects like the Japanese beetle, June beetle or masked chafer. Grubs love to chew on the roots of your beloved lawn and also organic matter residing in your soil. The tricky part is that grubs live below the surface and you as a consumer will not notice an issue until its too late because it can take several months for damage to be noticed.

Signs of Grubs

How do I Remove Grubs in My Lawn?

The key is property timing and the use of a good safe product like grubGone! By using a preventative approach and having your product in place before grubs begin to feed will keep your lawn protected all season long. Organiclawns have been treating for grubs long enough to know if your reactive to damage its simply too late. Grub damage is very hard to reverse because by the time you’ve witnessed the damage to your lawn it will take months to recover even when treated professionally.

Why choose OrganicLawns Grub Control?

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What is Liquid Aeration?

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Liquid aeration is actually an organic & natural lawn treatment that is used by organiclawns to help the lawn allow for air, water and nutrients to get to the root system of your grass. We like liquid aeration for a few different reasons. The main benefits include loosening soil, better root development, and finally it provides fantastic results with no messy cores.

How does Liquid Aeration Loosen your Soil?

Our state certified technicians apply our 100% organic liquid solution to your lawn that will penetrate deep into the subsoil to literally soften it so the roots can grow and become vibrant which will help them to flourish. It works both in sandy soils as well as the infamous clay based soils. Our organic product will break down your clay by increasing beneficial microbial activity. The entire process will act to help the absorption of wonderful beneficial nutrients needed to increase density in any given grass area. Humus is also present in our liquid aeration application for sandy soils to give better water retention so as to allow for additional increased absorption.

Better Root Development

Liquid aeration penetrates much deeper than traditional core aeration. When using traditional methods your prototypical aerator only penetrates 2-3 inches. With our 100% organic liquid aeration we are lucky to have the help of Mother Nature to get where the roots actually need it. You will notice less water puddling throughout your entire lawn as drainage is increased in difficult areas.Your lawn will require less water in the hot summer months because of the increased length in your root system using this method. The end result produces a true visibly healthy lawn. The deeper roots in your lawn will uptake the nutrients from our healthy fertilizers much more efficiently and can now actually be reached and stimulated for a more rapid growth to achieve our ultimate goal. A lush, green, weed free lawn!

No Messy Cores

Our liquid aeration is a fairly new development in the lawn care industry. We have a feeling it’s new but it surely is here to stay. The fact that it allows your lawn to perform better and there are no messy cores that traditional core aeration leaves behind is sure to be a big hit with many of our homeowners. We can also apply a beautiful blue tag certified seed when we are finished our liquid aeration to enhance the applications by filling in unwanted bare areas throughout your entire property.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration:

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