Water droplets on a leaf.

Lawn Care: Keep Your Maryland Grass Green this Spring

Water droplets on a leaf.
Most people who have a lawn dream of having one that is lush, green, and free of weeds. Our lawn care tips can help.

Most people who have a lawn dream of having one that is lush, green, and free of weeds. During the spring and early summer as temps start to climb, that dream often turns to dust – a lawn like that takes a lot of work. There are many things that cause your beautiful spring lawn to start to wither and fade, from the stress of too much or too little water to traffic to improper maintenance. If you’re worried about your green grass fading, follow these lawn care tips.

Lawn Care: Water Mindfully

The best way to have a healthy Maryland lawn is to water it regularly and deeply to promote the formation of deep roots. Grass with deep roots can weather the heat of summer without going dormant and turning brown. When you water, try to do it in the early morning so that the water won’t evaporate before it can soak in and try to water in a way that mimics rain. If you have automatic sprinklers, make sure you turn them off on days that it rains so that you don’t overwater. Finally, if you water from a hose that lays out in the sun, don’t use the hot water that comes out first on the grass.

Weeding And Feeding

If you want a pristine-looking lawn, it is going to take some effort. First, your lawn needs to “eat” meaning that it needs some fertilizer. A slow-release fertilizer is ideal, but any healthy fertilizer that replenishes lost nutrients at regular intervals will help you grow a lush lawn. You will also need to weed out those plants that compete with your grass. The best way to get rid of weeds is to pull them out manually – applying weed killer to a large area isn’t really good for anything.

Mow Less And Aerate

When the temperatures in Maryland go up, your lawn can feel stressed. Mowing when your lawn is stressed is a bad idea. Even when temps aren’t rising, keeping your grass longer can make it healthier. Longer grass can establish better root systems that make it stronger and more durable all year long. You should also aerate your lawns during the spring with a simple garden fork. Aerating the lawn will help it absorb more water when it rains or when you water, limiting runoff and improving the health of your grass.

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