100% Natural Limestone

What is dolomitic limestone?

This type of lime is actually nothing more than a beautiful rock. Yes, it is a rock this has been ground into an easy pelletized form to make for more precise lawn applications. I love the idea that lime takes its time to actually produce results, most of the better things in life fit this description. All of our customers receive a lime treatment and we prefer to have it part of our regular program because through test results it is proven that it’s much better to apply small amounts of lime over longer periods of time and more effective than dumping a huge amount of lime just once every 3-5 years.

Your lawn will definitely respond better through well timed slow and steady feedings in which it can absorb all the nutrients at a natural pace.

In Maryland we have found through our soil testing that we offer to each customer that quite a bit of our lawns show results of more acidic soil then you typically want for excellent performance. The higher or more acidic your soil shows reflects a lower pH. Unfortunately by having a low soil pH this will inhibit your lawns will ability to uptake needed nutrients and produce lush thick green grass. Lime counteracts this process and will help to sweeten your soil and also raise your pH to neutral levels which allow your lawn to perform better. Using this foundation of thought your lawn will thrive with each and every organic based fertilization once our dolomitic limes is applied.

Lime acts in a similar form to an antacid to humans, but just not as fast. Lime is a long term solution for the overall health and beauty of your lawn. The benefits are so many that you just cannot thoroughly be described in just a few hundred words. Some benefits include the lowering of acidity in your soil, raising the pH level to neutral levels. Lime also helps reduce heavy thatch build up in lawns by encouraging the decomposition of that material. Lime will surprisingly help our organic based fertilizer and our herbicides become more effective. One of the cornerstones of lawn care in general is the planting of grass seed.

Well, we have found that grass seed and lime are like peanut butter and jelly. You really shouldn’t consider doing any type of grass seeding without the full implementation of lime.

With organic lawns we have you covered whether its feeding , or seeding, you and your lawn will not ever have to worry that it didn’t receive its taste of lime once a season slow and steady.

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