Lawn Care Services in Silver Spring, Maryland

OrganicLawns is your trusted lawn care company in Silver Spring, Maryland. No matter what condition your yard is in, we see its potential. That’s why we hand-pick environmentally friendly products and provide practical methods to grow your grass and help you achieve the property of your dreams. With just a handful of visits, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the progress your grass is making.

If you live in Silver Spring, Maryland, and need lawn care services, you can count on OrganicLawns.

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Lawn Care Services Available in Silver Spring, Maryland

Lawn Care Services in Silver Spring, Maryland

Look no further than Organic Lawns for natural lawn care in Severna Park, Maryland.

Silver Spring is a great place to raise a family. There’s plenty of entertainment, culture and art without the hustle of typical city life. The houses in the area come complete with beautiful properties. Maryland’s weather can be unpredictable, though. That uncertainty can hinder plant growth. If your lawn suffers from patchy or dry grass, it’s time for some Silver Spring lawn care from OrganicLawns.

Before we even begin discussing possible lawn care plans, we’ll make a trip to your home and do a soil test. The soil test is critical because it helps us understand what your soil has and what it’s lacking. We’ll fill in the gaps with services that take your yard to the next level. When we receive the results of the soil test, we’ll go over them with you. This information will help you pick a lawn care plan that works for your yard and your budget.

Our lawn care plans come with a range of services to target different concerns. Some of these services include:

>Lawn fertilization: We spread our organic-based fertilizer over the lawn during every visit. This fertilizer replenishes the nutrients in the soil and encourages grass growth.

>Grub control: Japanese beetles lay white larvae in the ground. These small worms feed and damage the grass at the root. Our environmentally friendly products protect grass while eliminating pests.

>Aeration and seeding: When we aerate your lawn, we make small holes in the ground. These holes help the grass roots quickly receive nutrients and water. They also accelerate the seeding process.

>Weed control: Weeds are pesky plants that can take over your lawn if you let them. Thankfully, we have weed control products that target weeds at their root, eradicating them before they can spread.

The Benefits of OrganicLawns Services

With OrganicLawns, you receive more than quality lawn care. Our Maryland state-certified technicians approach every job with expertise and attention to detail. We know the soil and grass, and we understand how to make both elements thrive in your yard. At the end of the season, you’ll be astonished by the transformation of your lawn. A lush, green yard can boost the value of your property, too.

Get Quality Lawn Care Service From OrganicLawns

Bring your yard to life with OrganicLawns. We have environmentally friendly products that will keep your family safe while helping your property flourish. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care packages or request a free estimate!

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