Lawn Care Services in Edgewater, Maryland

Lawn care can be tricky, and Maryland’s unpredictable weather can make it even more of a challenge. If your yard suffers from dry or discolored grass, OrganicLawns can help it reach its full potential. With eco-friendly products and a team of state-certified technicians, we’re your trusted Edgewater lawn care company.

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Lawn Care Services in Edgewater, Maryland

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Get Quality Lawn Services in Edgewater, Maryland

Edgewater is a beautiful suburb just southwest of Annapolis. Hugging the coast of the South River, it’s home to a tight-knit community and comfortable neighborhoods. The houses are sophisticated and spacious, and many of the lawns border the river’s edge. If you have a property in Edgewater and notice that your grass is yellow, dry or patchy, you should call OrganicLawns.

We can bring your grass back to life with practical products and methods. Our journey with your lawn starts with a simple soil test. The test results will tell us what nutrients your soil has and what nutrients are missing. With this information, we can help you choose a plan that best targets your lawn’s needs. We can even customize a plan for your yard.

Every plan comes with a range of services to help your lawn flourish. A few of these services include:

>Aeration and seeding: Aeration is a process in which we use equipment to make small holes in the lawn. These holes allow water and nutrients to access the root system below the grass’s surface. These tiny holes are also great for protecting seeds and keeping them in place while they grow.

>Weed and insect control: Weeds and insects can get out of control quickly. Our environmentally friendly products target weeds at their roots to eliminate them. We can also use products that repel fleas and ticks, keeping your family and pets safe.

>Lawn care fertilization: Our organic fertilizer replenishes the nutrients that plants need to grow. We lay some of this fertilizer on your lawn with every visit to maintain the soil’s health through the season.

The Advantages of OrganicLawns Lawn Care

OrganicLawns is a family-operated company that puts you and your property first. With every visit, we thoroughly inspect and service your yard to help it flourish. We also make sure to keep you updated on our progress — and we won’t lock you into a contract, so you can make adjustments to your plan at any time.

Your home will benefit from our services as well. With a beautiful, lush yard, your curbside value will increase. And with OrganicLawns taking care of your yard, you’ll have more time to put toward personal projects. Our products are also environmentally friendly, so children and pets can play outside safely all season long.

Help Your Edgewater Home Stand Out With OrganicLawns

When you need lawn care services in Edgewater, trust OrganicLawns to get the job done. We offer excellent customer service, and we perform thorough work during every visit. Contact us online or call us at 410-536-5800 to schedule your lawn care services today!


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