Pet-Safe Lawn Care Services

pet friendly lawn care sign in a lawnWith the help of effective lawn care products and fertilizers, a lush green yard is obtainable. One concern that may arise, though, is the safety of such products. If you have children or pets, you want them to enjoy the outdoors. Using pet-friendly lawn care products is the only way to let them do so.

Many lawn care products we know can perform well and do a fantastic job. Here at OrganicLawns we simply try and take it a step further by selecting products that reflect the environment as well as the results. Its also important that we apply the products we hand select correctly. Using an I.P.M. approach will ensure the products we use are applied correctly and safely for our beautiful environment and our furry friends.

Using products like grub Gone and Fiesta weed control are examples of natural and organic solutions that achieve our goal. The result is pet-friendly lawn care services from OrganicLawns.


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Pet-Friendly Products and Lawn Care

OrganicLawns is a pet-safe lawn care company that’s here to help your lawn grow. We offer premium lawn care services that include eco- and pet-friendly products. Our company hand-selects lawn care products that are simple, effective and safe. We even adjust the ingredients to suit the yard and protect your animals. Our organic-based fertilizer, for example, combines synthetic and organic formulas. Together, the mixture encourages grass growth while treating the surrounding environment gently.

Don’t settle for a patchy, dry lawn. OrganicLawns is a family-run and -operated company that values pets. We would never want to put your dog or cat’s health at risk. That’s why all of our treatments are perfectly safe and allow your pet to enjoy their time outdoors. While our services keep them safe, you can also expect to see a beautiful lawn transformation — from dull, dry ground to a lush, green carpet of grass!


Maintaining Your Yard With Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Services

We use dog-safe and eco-friendly lawn care products for all of our work. Some of our pet-friendly services include:

Pet-Friendly Insect Control

Our insect control product has cedarwood oil, which is safe for animals but tough on fleas and ticks.

Pet-Friendly Weed Control

The weed control products we use seep underground and attack weeds at the roots. This kills the plants without exposing your pet to danger.

Pet-Friendly Aeration and Seeding 

Aeration is a simple process in which we make holes in the soil, which assist water and nutrients in reaching grass roots more quickly. They even protect grass seeds from wind and other activity.


Keep Your Pets Safe and Your Lawn Growing With OrganicLawns

If you want to help your yard reach its full potential while keeping your pets safe, reach out to OrganicLawns. With us, you don’t have to compromise. We prioritize the safety of your family and the environment while encouraging grass growth with pet-safe and eco-friendly products.

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lawn care economy package organic lawns


Our economy package comes with several services that help keep your lawn beautiful. You receive annual soil testing, fertilizer and weed control to keep the grounds nice and tidy and soil amendment to encourage plant health. We perform grub control services to keep your lawn full and green.
lawn care premium package organic lawns


Our certified techs encourage your lawn to grow thick and green by providing all the Economy package has to offer plus Core Aeration & Premium Seeding. We also apply a starter fertilizer to allow your seed to sprout into a healthy carpet-like weed free lawn.
lawn care premius plus package organic lawns

Premium- Plus

If your lawn needs to reach the highest level, look into Premium PLUS! This all-inclusive package includes all the premium package has to offer PLUS core aeration, nutsedge control, disease control along with our premium slice seeding for the ultimate in lawn care!


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